A New Clear Option

Ireland's people seeks new choices to pick. UnitedPeople is here to assist.

Current Concerns

There is a many issues that have yet to be looked at, besides also resolved. UnitedPeople is working for all generations of Ireland.

Stronger Rights

Given the levels of Irish cronyism and corruption, all elected should be more answerable to voters. UnitedPeople is addressing this.

Natural Resources

UnitedPeople is committed to creating and improving Ireland's work sector, of land and sea.

This is not about supporting any other particular party, be it left, middle or right wing. This is about how Ireland's political system and those controlled - often abused by it, are being used to disadvantage by others - people abused along with even 'framed' innocent others.

Greater legal and departmental structures are needed to stamp out continuing abuses going on to this day by elected in government office. Ireland's system of elected accountability must be made stronger. This is essential for a better, secure democracy.

Those doing nothing but good, should have nothing to fear. Those carrying on their old methods of political corruption, back-door quiet deals and pocket filling activities, has to be brought to account by increased accountability legislation and the departmental sections to see it all carried through for the citizens of Ireland, protection.

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Improvements are possible.

Crime, Legal & Finance

Greater protection of citizens rights along with more fairness awarded to everyone, is a UnitedPeople goal.
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Transport, Agriculture & Fisheries

We seek not only to protect our local and national assets, we seek to enhance them all to the benefit of citizens.
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Going Further

Looking toward the future, by working today, we can better set our children's future on an even better path than ever before. It's the right things to do for all.
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Through one Sunday's (11th June 2017) papers alone, yet again Ireland is able to see how Fine Gael and other guilty, is willing screw the people, willing to tarnish the people, attempting to distract the people, wants to hide massive state social welfare errors, wants to crack down on people's rights, blatantly lie to the people and willing to play chance with the future of Ireland.

This is the true face of old politics that many people in Ireland, is absolute sick of.

Ireland and its people deserve far better.

UnitedPeople Solid

How can you trust corrupt parties when they do nothing but also u-turn?
Do they really deseve to be voted for as they continue to betray you and your family?

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Why We Protest

UnitedPeople is currently in the process of making an hour long documentary, "Why We Protest!" for public viewing in the coming months.

If you feel you would like to contribute some thoughts on the subject, you can contact UP at admin@unitedpeople.ie - we shall be taking submissions also by phone or webcam for possible inclusion also.

Submissions should be based around why you or your group are currently protesting or continuing to raise an issue(s), how it might have affected you or someone close to you and in what direction could you suggest others take, to bring about a successful conclusion.

UnitedPeople looks forward to hearing from you.

The stark graphic reality of Fine Gael policies on Ireland's citizens.

It's No Good Just Re-applying Plasters.
It's time to fix many a root of a problem. There are a few levels to improve.

UnitedPeople is going further to correct a number of wrongs existing.

Our members are currently tackling a good number of issues existing today and others incoming. Find out more.

Tackling public concerns

News Section

Find out more about issues, you are not being told by biased national media in Ireland today.

A Cult Exposed

The Scientology cult in Ireland continues to try grab unaware citizens into its dangerous ways.

TTIP Treaty

UnitedPeople has long sought an end to the traitorous agenda. Opposition still continues.

UnitedPeople is free to join. In 2017 UnitedPeople will be rolling out more local meetings around the country. If you wish to become involved in a positive movement, click below and join today.

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“I can’t take back the past, but I can fight for the future.”

Shannon A. Thompson,

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Discover how the above and more can be improved.