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Discover what positive directions UnitedPeople is heading in for Ireland.

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A personal message from the founder of UnitedPeople to the citizens of Ireland and further.

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If You Mean Something – Damn Stand By It!

Fianna Fail latest re-charging antics on water is seriously stretching their credibility – what little is left of it with the public. As a article exposes in the last few hours, the […]

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REMINDER – You ALREADY pay for water services!

REMINDER – You ALREADY pay for water services, to the tune of BILLIONS through taxation!
To the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government the source of State funding for Irish Water; if […]

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The irony (or double-standards) is not lost that while elected who is getting another pay bump, on their massive wages, give-out about others who haven't had a pay increase since 2008! They, the elected, along with massive paid RTE presenters, are moaning about far lower paid looking for more! Talk about a double slap in the face?

Thanks to Paul Divers who has helped UnitedPeople over the last 24 hours and still continues to.

The UP website is coming along nicely with more functions added. More content pages are being added.

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