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Irish Water Recharge Tricks Continue.

One Mess After Another.
  If Enda Kenny was trying to send out a unified message as regards water recharging refunds, once again his political attempts have failed miserably. Today’s newspapers – depending on […]

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Water Commission Report – Same Previous Con

NOTE:   Before we get to the commission report and the contents which many expected, we have to again point out that politicians are DELIBERATE avoiding mentioning disbandment of Irish Water and DELIBERATE […]

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So it turns out that it was the US Intelligence community that exposed what Hillary Clinton was doing, to Wikileaks - not the Russians as she claimed. Who knew she would try blaming the wrong people? Probably those awake!

Thanks to Paul Divers who has helped UnitedPeople over the last few weeks. His work and input to UnitedPeople has been invaluable.

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