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Ireland's people seeks improved, better choices that people can embrace.

UnitedPeople is here to assist in creating a better future for all while improving the present life you currently have.

Current Concerns

There are many issues that have yet to be looked at, besides also resolved.

UnitedPeople is already working on both and more, for all generations of Ireland citizens.

Stronger Rights

Given the levels of Irish cronyism and corruption, all elected should be more answerable to voters.

UnitedPeople is addressing this so you can better relax and enjoy life far greater.

Natural Resources

UnitedPeople is committed to creating and improving Ireland's work sector, of land and sea.

The additional protection of those same environments, is a fundamental aim of UnitedPeople.

Tackling Public Concerns

Improvements are possible. Example areas UnitedPeople are addressing.

Crime, Legal & Finance

Greater protection of citizens rights along with more fairness awarded to everyone, is a UnitedPeople goal.

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Transport, Agriculture & Fisheries

We seek not only to protect our local and national assets, we seek to enhance them all to the benefit of citizens.

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Going Further

Looking toward the future, by working today, we can better set our children's future on an even better path than ever before. It's the right things to do for all.

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News Section

Find out more about issues, you are not being told by biased national media in Ireland today.

A Cult Exposed

The Scientology cult in Ireland continues to try grab unaware citizens into its dangerous ways.

TTIP Treaty

UnitedPeople has long sought an end to the traitorous agenda. Opposition still continues.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-08-at-02.04.37 sm

UnitedPeople informed the public some time ago that while Fine Gael was PR making out it cared about children's online safety, there were in fact lowering the age limit from 16 to 13, so that
(a) private companies can further get access to their private information and
(b) incredibility, allow them to enter into legal binding business contracts via their smart phones.

Parents and non-parents alone really have to wake up to the fact that once again Fine Gael is big time more about looking after big business and private companies way over the rights of the citizens of Ireland.

Leo Varadkar says he supports people that like to wake up early in the morning who go to work. Well more of those people too, need to wake up and smell the rotten coffer that is Fine Gael - and also - those standing by them today letting them get away with yet again all this crap - namely Fianna Fail and Independents in government.

They don't care  about citizen rights. They are, with their twisted Data Protection Act 2018, right now trying to deprive you and your children even further, as they set out to do more personal rights damage and make themselves legal unaccountable for it.


Prepare To Be Shocked And Get Angry At What They Are Doing Quietly Behind Your Back!
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State Sanctioned Bullying.  State Breaking The Law.
An Inquiry Right Now In The Making.

UnitedPeople has been investigating JobPath for two years.
It has been contacted by hundreds of victims and many have given their statements on record.

JobPath - a process introduced via the IMF and old political parties in Ireland, that is allowing a generation of people to be treated absolutely abysmally. Citizens rights being tried to be taken away from them along with their personal data and more.

The lies, the cons, the deliberate left out vital information that they don't want the public to know about. The UnitedPeople report on JobPath, exposes it all. The lies, the still ongoing state law breaking and shockingly much more.

Go to our dedicated page on this issue - click HERE
Download the UP report - click HERE

JobPath - for the record small
UP court1sm

As of 23rd of February 2018, UnitedPeople is
2 years, 2 months and 24 days completely blanked
by Louth LMFM Radio station based in Drogheda.

Despite the now gone national, political party being founded in the same town (Ireland's official largest) where the East Coast LMFM radio station resides, it continues to ignore the historic founding of the party or let the region population of 52,000+ know of it's very existence. It continues to not allow any interviews with anyone from the party or highlight in any way the party name, as it daily tackles many important issues for people across Ireland.

cult news2sm

Update: The article reappeared after two days. In the intervening period, people questioned why it has vanished.

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Wind farms UnitedPeople

UnitedPeople is going further to correct a number of wrongs existing.

Our members are currently tackling a good number of issues existing today and others incoming. Find out more.

It's No Good Just Re-applying Plasters.
It's time to fix many a root of a problem. There are a few levels to improve.

“I can’t take back the past, but I can fight for the future.”

Shannon A. Thompson,