What Hilary Clinton Is NOT Saying!

31st October 2016UnitedPeople0

 Mrs Hillary Clinton has in the last 24 hours been caught again as having some serious damning questions to answer. Her latest self-created farce involving her use of an alleged unauthorised email service, an illegal […]

No Picture

Treating You As Stupid, They Really Are!

24th October 2016UnitedPeople0

  The latest crass statement from Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin during the party’s annual Wolfe Tone commemoration, again shows how stupid they think the public is. Martin stated Fine Gael has an increasingly right-wing agenda – and […]

Irish Water

Jobstown Teen Guilty. Seriously?

22nd October 2016UnitedPeople0

  The news that a Dublin, now seventeen year old, has been legally found guilty of “False Imprisonment”, for protesting (when he was actually fifteen years of age) in front of Joan Burton, has been met […]


The Real “Fair Society” Avoided

19th October 2016UnitedPeople0

  A number of years ago there was a Fianna Fail yearly think-in gathering. At this gathering, the elected members were reminded that their loyalty was first to the party, then to their agenda and […]


Old Politics – Alive & Kicking!

16th October 2016UnitedPeople0

It was all promises of “New Politics” at election time. Some of the elected even kept using the term after they were elected. However, as many of the public has discovered, “Let’s keep the recovery going” […]