National I.D. Card – In All But Name.

23rd August 2017 UnitedPeople 0

The Fine Gael led backdoor introduction of a ‘national I.D. card’ – officially called public services card (PSC) in Ireland – is already considered by some, to be possible legally unconstitutional. This has been the […]


Clock Ticking Down On North Korea

18th April 2017 UnitedPeople 0

Regardless of who you side with (or be neutral) in support, the US government continues to see itself with an urgent major problem on its hands. The problem being North Korea (DPRK). US president Donald […]


#NOMÁS – The Venezuelan Situation.

16th April 2017 UnitedPeople 0

On the 15th of April 2017 Venezuelans all around the world congressed in the places they now reside to say #NoMás or #NoMore when translated into English. 200 Venezuelans gathered in Smithfield Square, Dublin to […]

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