The Sham Shamrock Hidden Aspect.

30th January 2017 UnitedPeople 0

The Sham Shamrock The Fine Gael party and its collaborators are deliberately keeping an aspect of the Trump presidency hidden from Irish citizens – Trump has begun scrapping what’s known as “Sanctuary Cities”. This means […]


I don’t understand it….

23rd January 2017 UnitedPeople 0

I don’t understand it…. People to this very day, give out to myself (and I suspect others) for getting involved in matters concerning what’s going on is society and to people. “Why bother get involved […]


More White House Double-Standards.

6th January 2017 UnitedPeople 0

The world has been reading and hearing about Russia being accused of interfering in the US election by some hacking they are accused of by the White House. The US government is seemingly outraged – as […]