2,500+ Children Homeless For Christmas

UnitedPeople Homeless

UnitedPeople Homeless The news today that that 2,500+ children in Ireland will be homeless for Christmas, is not good. Currently the Fine Gael government is supposedly trying to get a grip on the situation – according to the media PR their elected is now saying.

In the last year alone, the number of homeless in Dublin as risen near 100%. The knock-on effect of this has yet to be long terms seen.

While parents are left to stress with paying high rents, feeding themselves and children – then Christmas coming and all that entails… There is also the issue of children’s education being badly affected by such instability.

Many children are living out of one room hostels in Dublin and elsewhere, if indeed, they are luck to even gain that.

Some parents have been lucky to gain temporary shelter accommodation in hostels. However, their location to the schools that their children attends (or used to attend) has created extra pressure on top of what parents are already suffering while they try and cope.

 One third of properties bought in the last year, have been purchased so that they can be rented out. At first this sounds great to some extent – but as Westmeath has found out, when it comes to rent prices, its actually cheaper to buy! (See here: LINK)

Previously, Fine Gael along with Labour rammed through legislation so that banks could take properties off people in two months rather than twelve.

The previous twelve month period was essential to many as it gave them time to re-address their income, where it was being lost and seek assistance further in attempting to keep a roof over their heads. The FG/Lab ten month slash to the once saving period, quickly ended that – and the numbers of homeless has since rocketed.

The government has tried to say that the homeless is less in numbers previous by claiming that some are on HAP schemes (LINK). However, while using that as PR across media, they refuse to full add that anyone on a HAP scheme is then discounted from being on a town or county housing list.

HAP in effect is only a temporary solution to that is actually a still existing – growing – problem.

In the meanwhile, homeless adults and children are being left treated as second-class citizens by hotel or hostel harsh landlords who tell them to not encroach on other property areas to which others can avail of. Many have been told not to use even front doors of properties – always enter at the back or side like second-class citizens.

The long-term effect on both adults and children has yet to be gauged but such problems are looking to still continue for some time while in ineffectual government continues to just make landlords more wealthy through state payments.

The banks have got their properties – the tax payer meanwhile, is being left to pay financially for the screw-ups of a continuing Fine Gael led, failing government.

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