“It’s Also The Public’s Fault Labour Failed” Says Leader Brendan Howlin.

In the daily Fine Gael newsletter, formally called the Irish Independent, Howlin said his party’s disastrous election happened in part because “many Irish people had stopped listening to Labour.LINK

Who can blame people for turning off from Labour, with all the crap they have pulled – and continue to pull including matters related to #AppleTax, bullied in water meters and Irish Water recharging – never mind the €64 BILLION bank debt they also slapped the public with?

Labour have the stupidity and the arrogance to think its also the public’s fault they failed?

If only they had that much balls to stand up instead, to Fine Gael and the EU previously! No – they decided to take a once left-wing party to the right – repeatedly!

Labour – talking rubbish and still spinning their rubbish down upon a nation! The people of Ireland are DAMN RIGHT to stop listening to their stuff. Any person willing to join Labour is a fool!

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