Social Media Affect Coming For Some Parties More So!

Like it or lump it – probably the latter – Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour face a coming crises in the next few decades. Years ago before internet and Social Media availability, when politicians screwed up, they might rare get exposed – and then in time its forgot about. People just voted for the same shower again eventually. Maybe different people but generally same party a lot of the time.

NOW the Mafia trio will be continuously exposed far quicker, to a wider reaching audience and by better public AND journalist skill by digital means. This in turn will educate today’s teens to what’s happening right now and political crap also of the past, repeatedly, over and over again. They will be reminded in all urban and rural communities a lot better. There will be far few corners where voters will have less place to be uninformed.

So we see an ALREADY steady declining of the main parties – as the teens of today and the bulk of now voting students and 20+, are far more wiry of the usual bunch of corrupt and up to no good!

The future for the usual shower of dodgy elected – local or national elected – SERIOUSLY should better kop on to the fact that their antics WILL be better exposed. Their non-actions WILL be exposed. Their u-turning WILL be better exposed. Their lies WILL be better exposed… and the public WILL be repeatedly reminded of this day after day, after day – far more than even a generation ago.

The NOW the Mafia trio better kop on to themselves and start working for the people – not against them. Its a whole different political ball game in Ireland and if they don’t play straight, they are going to massive more lose!

With the poor stunts they are continuing on people – good riddance to the lot of them!

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