A Blatant Lie Told Regarding Apple Tax


Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian MEP and a member of the EU’s committee on tax rulings spoke recently:

“Ireland has “close to zero chance” of winning its appeal. I am not sure that all Irish citizens will be very happy to see that the Irish government spontaneously renounces tax income of €13 billion. Maybe some Irish citizens like it but maybe a bigger number of Irish citizens won’t like that this government is basically accepting that a company pays close to zero taxes.”

He rejected that the commission ruling was an attack on Ireland’s corporate tax rate.

“One must be really ignorant of reality to assert that. Did you read in the ruling that the 12.5 per cent corporate tax rate is illegal or should be revised? You will read the opposite; the commission is saying to apply it, to enforce it. The commission demands that this rate be applied.”

The Commission’s conclusion was that Ireland parties gave Apple, EU illegal tax benefits, which enabled it to pay substantially less tax than other businesses over many years – solely within Ireland own borders.

(a) It might have been made conveniently legal under Irish law – but EU competition rules that same political parties signed previously, to stick by, were then later ignored by same parties (all the while still double-standard telling the Irish public Ireland must obey EU rules!)

(b) FG, Lab and FF turned a blind eye to Apple to them inventing fiction staff, fiction addresses and fiction operations. They all allowed this even though it was completely false!

(c) Such was the ‘turning a blind eye’ that its assessed a minimum of €300 BILLION is assessed owed in taxes to the Ireland people/state.

(d) The core issue over the eventual EC ruling is that some companies IN IRELAND got special tax rates of little or nothing – while others IN IRELAND did not! Nothing whatsoever to do with setting of rates for companies in Ireland in comparison to ones outside the state.

(e) Three parties are in fact, attempting to conveniently distract their public away for the parties being exposed further, for the antics they allowed or arranged.

(f) FF, FG. and Labour were all too silent about their double standards on tax matters. While telling Ireland people that they must pay for water re-charging because also the EU says so, the same trio parties were complicit in the Apple (and others) tax dodging antics, the still EU illegal VRT tax antic and the illegal taking of money from personal accounts without express permission given!

(g) Apple themselves, gave sworn testimony to the US Senate under oath, that they got “Special tax treatment” from the Ireland government. This own company admission cannot be refuted.

RTE and more, have poorly failed to report Philippe Lamberts latest comments. Like many things in Ireland, they have been omitted from many national and local news reports. The successful attempts to keep many people less clued in, continue…

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