14th January 2018 - Business morals sink as the cult hires CCIPR PR firm?

13th January 2018 - Fourth property for Scientology cult.

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UnitedPeople consider it very important that the public is informed better regarding a number of areas.

A better informed public, is one much harder to fool and exploit.

This is the reason why we have a page dedicated here to the considered dangerous Scientology organisation. There is a branch operating in Ireland. The organisation also operates under different name fronts at times. Greater raised awareness helps stop any civilians thought vulnerable, being targeted by anyone or any organisation, out to exploit.

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Forced Abortions In The Cult - LINK.


  One of the most insidious set-ups around at the moment worldwide, is the one under the front name of "Scientology". The Scientology organisation (business) now operates worldwide. This in part has come about due the org' managing to indoctrinate by professional seduction methods, some very famous people and then later gaining massively in financial terms from them.  

There is much that can be said about the org' that is Scientology. However, we shall try keep this page to an informative shorter section, giving a summary of the organisation, along with continuous updated links to further locations of detailed information and news.



What is Scientology?

Wikipedia currently describes the practise of Scientology as the following:

"Scientology is a body of religious beliefs and practices created in 1954 by American author L. Ron Hubbard (1911–86). After he developed Dianetics, the Dianetics Foundation entered bankruptcy and Hubbard lost the rights to his seminal publication Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in 1952. He then re-characterised the subject as a religion and renamed it Scientology, retaining the terminology, doctrines, the E-meter, and the practice of auditing."

Another accurate way of saying the above is that a science fiction writer (by many respected professional reviewers, considered not a good one) after failing at many things and exposed as a complete fraud in others, invented an out of this world complete wacky story, tried selling it to enough people and the more gullible that were suckered into it, bought it to their cost. The heavy price has been financial, emotional, health-wise, family splitting and even cases of deaths which could have been prevented.

It's the only so called 'Religion' that has a top person who still to this day after 25 years, won't give public interviews. Many suspect this is because of the wish to avoid hard questions around hundreds, if not thousands, of incidences of law breaking, alleged forced abortions, throwing of kids and adults into sea from a boat, continuous spying on its own people besides hiring for years, detectives to stalk and record anyone that dares expose their activities.

The father of the current leader of the Scientology org, was even stalked for a many years by people from the org. Many more people over decades have been treated the same way. No genuine religions in the world today, operate with such draconian methods that regular have an effect of been seen to be very menacing and sometimes further highly questionable activities. This is the level and more, at which the Scientology business operates at!

It's no wonder then, that its (alleged brutal) head wishes to remain in seclusion. He continues to stay away from being questioned or interviewed. The only head of what claims to be a 'religion', to do so!



Sci-Fi Ramblings

The strange story invented by Mr Hubbard consists of the following:

75 million years ago an evil galactic overlord named Xenu, ruler of a Galactic Confederacy, decided to tackle overpopulation by rounding up 13.5 trillion people in DC-8-like spacecraft, flying them to Earth (then known as Teegeeack), dropping them in the volcanoes of Hawaii and vaporizing them with hydrogen bombs.

Their spirits, known as thetans, attached themselves to humans at the dawn of man, and according to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is the root cause of all our fears, confusion and problems. For humans to reach a clear state, thetans must be removed from the body through therapy sessions, known within Scientology as auditing.

All this auditing costs money or you can opt to work for the cult for little or nothing as long as they can keep you within its clutches. The methods they use, make it extremely hard to leave.

The Tax Factor.

Cutting to the chase, America's Revenue Service "IRS" was completely hassled from start to finish by by the Scientology org. The IRS was buried under many tried on litigation cases during a decades-long campaign against the agency. many tactics included filing dozens of lawsuits against both the organization and individual IRS workers, hiring private investors and fake journalists to dig up incriminating information about individual IRS workers. so much for respect and loyalty toward their fellow country and its people - and they claim they only works!

The IRS in 1993 reluctantly caved to their demands if only to make the harassments and nightmare cases go away. the thugs and bullies of the org had won a massive financial victory. When the IRS finally granted the the church tax-exempt status, after an unconventional meeting between the then-commissioner Fred T. Goldberg and Scientology’s current leader David Miscavige, the financial ramifications were felt far and wide. Not only did the IRS stop demanding income taxes from the church, but local governments and states followed suit and granted the organization tax-exempt status.

Whatever you might feel as regarding world religions, there is not other religion that operates like the business of Scientology. No other, more genuine religious organisation has a set-up that consists of anyone walking in and sooner or later tried to be sold 'well-being' mind course to reach a imagines level of "Clear". The sales pitches in the Scientology org continues to be relentless - both to new people and repeatedly to its already signed up members (victims?).

The massive wealth in America alone that they have accumulated is kept very secret. To give you an idea of their wealth, a quote from Fortune Magazine (LINK):

"According to Jeffrey Augustine, author of the blog The Scientology Money Project, the church has a book value of $1.75 billion, about $1.5 billion of which is tied up in real estate, mostly at its headquarters in Clearwater and in Hollywood, Calif. The Church also owns property in Seattle, London, and New York, among other places.

As for revenue, Augustine estimates that the church collects annual receipts of about $200 million, which he bases on conversations with former Scientology officials who have since left the organization. (Augustine is married to Karen de la Carriere, a former member of the church). He says about $125 million comes from the sale of auditing services to its followers, while the remainder comes from donations. How much of that revenue would actually be subject to income tax is difficult to say, however. Augustine estimates that much of the money that comes in is spent on legal defence of the church.

Augustine estimates that about 70% of the church’s property is tax exempt."

...and that's just America!

Elsewhere, in Europe, its a whole different story. The Scientology business might have been able to get bully its own country government by harassment and infiltration (all on historic record) but in Europe, many countries there was not going to stand for their antics. How France wasn't having much of their rubbish is also on historic record - much to the embarrassment of the Scientology Org!

England banned them in the 60's, Australia soon followed. Germany has no time for them and then there is the Dutch...

"The Dutch branch of the Church of Scientology has lost its tax status as “public welfare institution”, and the tax benefits that go along with it, in a ruling made by the court in The Hague.

The court decided that the sales of the Church’s expensive courses and therapy sessions are clearly aimed at making a profit, and thus it does not belong on the tax authorities’ charity list." (LINK).

Ireland also does not recognise the profit making organisation as a true 'religion'. All continuous governments see it as it really is. The Irish branch with its tiny numbers, is constantly bailed out by its American big brother.

The Scientology business is operating in 160+ countries where they operate under their own name, gathering funds through their many methods and save money by also getting members to work for them for little or nothing (they claim its 'charity work' but still get those they ensnare to sign legal work contracts). They also use many name fronts in order to get around their now infamous name and awful reputation.

The organisation continues today to try gain Irish new members as it does in other counties. Thankfully, through continuing efforts by other wiser people,  more and more with every generation that comes alone, stands a better chance of being informed as to the real background of Scientology and how they low operate. These efforts must not end as long as the "cult" as some people see it as, still exists. The organisation in European countries would be successful in grasping greater member numbers if it was not for a continual effort by dedicated people, to continue Scientology awareness that involves is deadly history and brutal practises.


October 15th 2016

UPDATE: The Scientology org has opened up new offices in Dublin at 4 Merrion Square. Dublin. This office will house also the cult's world known spying operation known as "The Office of Special Affairs".

A national newspaper report on its opening can be found HERE.

This cult MUST be stopped from operating here in Ireland. the government was concerned about how women health centers were deliberately giving out the wrong advice. Here we have a similar, even sicker cult doing worse - as the article above also mentions.

For our government to sit on their hands and do nothing in this case, will once again expose just how completely useless they are.

It's a disgrace that this cult is even allowed operate in Ireland.


The following is from www.badcult.info
Thank you to them for their hard work.

  • Because their "free personality test" tells everyone they need Scientology
    Scientology uses a rigged multiple-choice personality test as a recruiting tool. They call it the "Oxford Capacity Analysis" test, but it has nothing to do with Oxford University - they picked that name to try to give it credibility. It is not used outside of Scientology and Scientology's front-groups. It is impossible to get a perfect score on the OCA. [Links: 1, 3, Take It Online (unofficial)]
  • ... or their "free stress test" will prove you need their help (with the aid of the infamous E-Meter)
    Perhaps more famous are their red-cloth-covered tables offering you a Free Stress Test, with the aid of a very serious and scientific-looking "Hubbard Electro-Psychometer" (or E-Meter for short). They probably won't mention that the E-Meter "is not medically or scientifically capable of improving the health or bodily functions of anyone" - despite the US government ruling that they must put a label saying exactly that on the front of the device. It's also very telling that they usually do these under the "Dianetics" brand (the book they're trying to sell you) - because most people have already heard of Scientology! [Links: About the E-Meter and the FDA, NY Times article, more about the E-Meter, Video "autopsy" of an older E-Meter]
  • Because the same people that gave you those tests, make a commission if you buy anything.
    The sales-force for Scientology - including the staff in their 'orgs', the people they send out with the stress test tables, and freelance sales agents called FSMs (Field Staff Members) - get at least a 10% commission on books and courses they convince people to take. Once someone joins up, their original salesman continues to get a percentage of all of the books and courses they buy. [Links: 1, 2]
  • Because it trains you to be unable to think critically about Scientology.
    Scientology's internal vocabulary includes a range of thought-stopping phrases, terms used specifically to try to stop you thinking further about a subject. These generally fall in to two groups: descriptions of something as being bad for your spiritual wellbeing ("Entheta") and various ways of describing a person as being bad for you ("Suppressive"). Scientology's Training Routines (TRs), marketed as ways to help you communicate, are described by experts as being hypnotic drills to plant the seeds of mind control. L Ron Hubbard is held as being utterly infallible and therefore his every word should be followed without question. [Links: Thought-Stopping Phrases, a great little video about Training Routines and more about them, more on "thought control" within Scientology]
  • Because they use the notes they take during your "confidential" Auditing sessions against you.
    The Auditing that is the core of Scientology often takes the form of a confessional, obtaining deeply personal information from the subject about their personal life. That information is kept in "PC Files" by Scientology (PC = Pre-Clear, the person receiving auditing). These files are supposed to be kept confidential, but the private information from them is often used to bully people in to giving more money to Scientology, to try to stop people from leaving, or to attack people who have left and then speak out against Scientology. [Links: 1, 2, 3, Great Video clip, What Is A PC Folder?]
  • Because once you start buying their services, they'll squeeze every last penny out of you.
    The hard sell for each new level of "training" stops at nothing. You should sell your shop, or take out huge loans or second mortgages, to finance your Scientology training - according to them. Heavy pressure to spend more cash on courses is applied, to separate members from their money. [Links: 1]
  • Because the books and doctrine are full of utterly false medical claims.
    L. Ron Hubbard had no medical background whatsoever, but that didn't stop him claiming that as a result of applying his techniques "... the arthritis vanishes, myopia gets better, heart illness decreases, asthma disappears, stomachs function properly..." (Source: Dianetics MSMH page 46 in that leaked PDF version), as well as many other outlandish promises - including raising the dead. [Links: 1, 2,]
  • Because it seeks to create a world where only Scientologists have civil rights and citizenship.
    L Ron Hubbard invented the phrase "unaberrated person", to mean someone who has swallowed Scientology's nonsense entirely and reached a certain level of indoctrination. Scientology would seek to deny proper citizenship and human rights to anybody else, if they could. "Perhaps at some distant date only the unaberrated person will be granted civil rights under the law. Perhaps the goal will be reached at some future time when only the unaberrated person can attain to and benefit from citizenship." - Dianetics MSMH page 253. [Links: 1, 2]
  • Because David Miscavige, global head of Scientology, beats up his own staff.
    When L Ron Hubbard died, a bully with a violent temperament and no life experience outside of Scientology took over. David Miscavige grew up in Scientology and his only management technique is intimidation - with regular outbreaks of hitting people [Links: 1, 2, 3, Great Video]
  • Because even their own members are getting fed up with their obsession with money.
    Debbie Cook, a former high-level executive in Scientology's "Sea Org" branch, sent a frankly-worded email out to a large number of Scientologists at the beginning of 2012, attacking the Church's obsession with continuous fund-raising. The most useful links for the full story on this are this one to the Village Voice, this one to an annotated copy of Debbie Cook's email, and then this one covering a little of the fall-out. Other coverage from: USA Today (notable for the public denouncement from PR-lackey Karin Pouw; this is a running theme you will find any time someone speaks out!), The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent.

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