A National Census Problem

census-extractIt has become growing apparent that the national census forms filled in last time around, had a serious problem as regards the religion question contained within it. This, you might be surprised to hear, is having a detrimental affect on the future planning of national schools. The error in fact, has an eventual effect on money, time and other resources. 


The problem emanates from the following scenario. There is many people that were christened as children by their parents, who were then immediately classified as “catholic” even though as a newborn baby, did know what that even was! However as those children grew up, a good many of them decided they were in no way practising Catholics or willing to believing that churches ideas or carry out its practises. To add insult to injury, the Church of Rome inconveniently – frankly rudely –  has also stopped people official un-registering from their church – so its figures around the world still continue to be falsely inflated. The church is willing to continue a falsehood as to what is its lesser believing numbers.

As the true numbers of people that would consider themselves “Catholic” in Ireland are considerable less, despite this, the national census form only allowed people to be stated as supposed still genuine practising catholic’s – nothing else. Children have been stamped as one thing for life – even though they are increasingly growing to be another. Those stamped as “catholic” shortly after birth are stuck with it officially. It don’t matter if they don’t believe in any religion or are then later of another religion. They take to their grave being stamped one thing.  

According to the last Census in 2011 an overwhelming majority, 84% of the population, are declared to be ‘Roman Catholic’. This is in sharp contrast to figures for ‘religious belonging’ revealed in other survey data where only a shrinking minority of self-described “Catholics” practice their religion, for example, by attending church.

Why Does It Matter?

The National Central Statics Office (CSO) says that state departments want to know people’s religion to then help them with planning for the future. Governments have to think ahead for departments that also encompass faith managed schools and also the allocation of money towards same. Unfortunately, due to the continued wrong way the national census form is still passed out to people, more genuine, accurate numbers on religion from the census form are wrongly gauged. The clear bias being towards “Catholic” religion and everyone else not real practising “Catholics”, is greater excluded by way of more un-accurate numbers.

If one was to take the census at its word  – as is supposed to happen when planning – the state should be funnelling 84% of available building resources, time and money just towards the catholic faith. However, as many know now, those figures are indeed vastly false – and this is in great deal down to the continued wrong way the census form is pushed upon a population. Why government continue to push the outdated question, the way it is, also needs to be examined!

The reality is that ‘catholic’s‘ that are really non-catholic’s are being overlooked and wrongly marginalised. Those of no faith whatsoever – never mind lapsed – who are still stuck with officially being “Catholic” on their birth certs, are also incorrectly accounted for as the out of date census forms continue to be still ordered to be filled, by governments who threatens to issue fines if they are not!

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