A Terrifying Example Of Weak Government

 Irish citizens can with some justification daily, say that in the last few decades consecutive governments have been weak, cowardly and possible even traitorous to its own people. Even up to the present day, old established parties are still kicking issues down the road, hoping others will deal with them instead.

However, if one really wants to see just how useless one government after another has become in Ireland, all you have to do is look towards 4 Merrion Square in the national capital. This is not a government building. It is not a building housing any state department, It’s not a building being used by a semi-state. No, it’s actually far worse and we shall explain why.



4 Merrion Square is the new European home to the Scientology cult – or to be more specific, it’s intelligence and spying unit – known as “The Office of Special Affairs“. (LINK– LINK – LINK) Also known as the “OSA”.

This is no exaggeration but well known fact, one thankfully, as it opened for operation, a few Irish reporters were brave enough to report on.

Old Office

officeThe Scientology Cult, part financed by the likes of Tom Cruise, John Travolta and others who regular donate millions of Dollars yearly to it, already has an office in Dublin above a tourist shop, at 64 Abbey Street Middle, Dublin.

At this office they continue to carry out their crazy personality tests of people which includes a process of hand holding onto two cannisters that the cult claims, can read people’s minds, exposing to others, their supposed thoughts or feelings. They call it an “E-Meter” (LINK – LINK – LINK)

emeterThe equipment they use has been repeatedly been shown to be entire a load of non-useful junk. Their mental questioning however is extremely professional polished to the point where they can effectively in time, root out deep personal information from a person just crazy enough to fall for their welcoming sales pitch (they then keep all this info to blackmail you in case you decide later to speak out against the cult).

When we say “sales pitch” – that’s exactly what it ends up being as soon victims are later charged and then recharged more in increasing financial numbers, to take their additional crazy “improvement courses”. Those sucked into the cult are pressured hard to keep taking them – so they have to then cough up more money. It’s all a Scientology money making racket in essence.

To quote Dialogue Ireland (LINK)

“They do not relieve poverty but in fact make many poor by taking money off them. They have no programmes to assist the poor or homeless. What they in fact call education is mental manipulation and mind control. Anyone in their right mind will actually be trained to speak a new language and have a totally other vocabulary which is Scientologese.”

UnitedPeople 100% agrees – as does millions around the world, all too aware of the cult and how it terrifyingly operates on a daily basis. The old office will continue to be used to carry out is methods of trying to gain more victims.

The New Building PR.

If you were foolish enough to swallow the PR being spun prior to the opening of 4 Merrion Square, you would have been told that the building was just:

“…to assist in meeting both physical and spiritual needs, and in addressing social ills from drugs, to poverty to homelessness.”

They add for extra measure:

“…the offices in Merrion Square the Church will coordinate its many charitable and humanitarian campaigns.”

However should you go looking for any of the above in Ireland, you probably will still be looking this time next year!

Building Reality.

The use of the new building is for “The Office of sw2Special Affairs” (OSA). if you independently do an internet search for those words, what you learn is that “The Office of Special Affairs” actually carries out another job world-wide – one that the cult does NOT PR spin about or advertise.

“The Office of Special Affairs” is a world-wide known intelligence gathering unit. It is a professional run set-up that has many people harassed, followed, spied upon and their follow all this up by then gathering information on anyone that speaks out – then covertly through various anonymous ways, though the internet and by print, attempts to undermine and destroy other peoples reputation.

Right now, it’s gathering all the information it can on Ireland’s elected at every level. This includes their personal details, their family life, their weaknesses and what could be used to ‘persuade’ them to support the cult in its desired endeavours. Right now, it’s gathering all the intelligence it can on business people, ex-cult members and anyone else it decides to target.

The OSA regular hires private detectives  where it can (when not using very little or not paid cult members), to follow people all year around, just to try find something it considers as valuable usable intelligence. Even the father of the cult’s current, media shy leader, was stalked and harassed for over a year in this fashion (LINK LINKLINK). If the cult is willing to go that far with the father of the current leader – what do you think it would do to an average person! You can find out quickly by internet searching “Scientology victims“.




The OSA is the ‘dirty tricks’ section of the Scientology cult. It has a massive 20+ story building in Clearwater, Florida, USA, where it centralises all the information gathered on those that world-wide oppose it. Clearwater by the way, is a city that the Scientology cult basic owns as it as bought a lot of the property there.  LINKLINK LINK LINK 

The cult through the “The Office of Special Affairs” has been found to have invented false evidence that even put an innocent woman behind bars in America for supposed terror threats (LINK – LINK – LINK – LINK). It was later found out that in fact, the cult fabricated everything. This is also what the “The Office of Special Affairs” does quietly.

We don’t ask you to take our very own word for it. Although you can click on any links here, we ask you to independently net search “Scientology Cult” and related terms you will find. The massive evidence is out there for the willing to read and hear.


Irish Government.

cult2So why is 4 Merrion Square a terrifying example of weak governments in Ireland?

Let’s put it this way… What other European country is currently allowing a well known cult not only to have one premises to operate out from – but now also crazy enough to allow an EXTREMELY well funded intelligence gathering unit and expected dirty tricks section, to operate from, through a second building?

(Answer: None. Just Ireland.)

The cult of course will deny all this is happening – so again – don’t just take our word for it – Google is your friend to independent find out more.

This last 15+ years the Scientology cult has wrecked many lives in Ireland alone. Victims families have appeared and cried on RTE TV shows, over loved ones having been sucked into it. The Late Late Show covered the topic a number of times previously in the days of Gay Byrne at the helm. They don’t do so any more – which is strange, as the cult continues to be even more dangerous by better polished, professional methods used now.


david miscavige tom cruise
Tom Cruise saluting cult leader David Miscavige

The very leader of the cult has been in media hiding, cowardly for over 20+ years now (can you imagine the Catholic pope in Rome going into media hiding for 20+ years?). For a so called ‘Religion’ (not recognised as one in Ireland), it is the only one in the world where its leader refuses to personal to camera or microphone, answer any questions to its many member world-wide crimes.

He continues for decades instead, to hid behind many released, careful worded press statements.

The cult got its original US ‘religion status’ after massive harassing of the US agencies and many of its staff (LINK – LINK LINK). It applied for religious status solely so it could escape paying tax.




Ireland’s current elected are terrifyingly weak when it comes to dealing with the Scientology cult. No other country in Europe would stand for an organisation to set-up a specialised unit such as  “The Office of Special Affairs” that exists now in Dublin, Ireland.

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour The Green Party and more, are refusing to do anything to combat this menace. The matter wasn’t even discussed recently within the national Dail as news broke about the cults latest operation plans.


Statement from the founder, Ron L Hubbard, about those that try to expose the cult.


The conservative wealth estimate of the cult is now at over three to four billion Dollars in America alone. It comes then as no surprise that now Ireland has a well funded foreign intelligence gathering unit and expected dirty section planted on its soil – and not a damn thing (again) is being done to protect Ireland adults and children from it.

If you are indeed wondering why we say Ireland has “A Terrifying Example Of Weak Government” – look no further than 4 Merrion Square, Dublin, as a massive example!

Repeated governments of Fine Gael, Fianna fail, etc, continue to total fail in their job of protecting not only Ireland citizens – but European ones too – as they still allow this monstrosity to not just continue to exist in Ireland – but worse – allow it to grow and become more dangerous…


As UnitedPeople appears to be the only political party in Ireland, to repeatedly raise this matter along with others beyond Irish party structure, we expect the UP party and individuals within, to be targeted. It’s what the cult does massively world-wide – all this too is on record and testimony around the world. Its what the OSA does – and now it has a European headquarters slapped bang in the middle of Dublin.

Why it’s allowed now exist there, is a needed investigation itself?


  1. The cult used to attack more openly. Now their do it either behind well funded legal teams or anonymous names through social media sites including Facebook and Irish forums. They use them to throw out a lot of false rubbish, hoping others will sadly fall for it all – then spread their lies.  It’s again, what they do – but don’t take our word for it… Google away…
  2.  Much of the world now has kopped onto the Scientology cult and its infamous name and attached atrocious reputation – so now the cult is switching tactics by word usage. They are now using the term “Dianetics” more so instead, as they try to get people to fall for their money grabbing, extremely dangerous, family splitting Scientology cult.

UnitedPeople, in the interest of trying to protect men, women and children of Ireland from the Scientology cult, will continue to inform as many people as possible to this absolute menace, crazy allowed to exist on Irish soil – even if others, especially elected TD’s, still won’t do this!

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