Abused Women & Children. A Sad State!



 In 2015, there has been over 6,000 cases of women and children fleeing domestic violence in Ireland. It is a sad state of affairs that many of these vulnerable people are being turned away from help centres across the nation because such centres are hopelessly stretched to capacity. This means that the recorded numbers of abuse cases towards women and children in Ireland is probably much higher.

This is nothing short of terrible. Those committing those abuses should be hit with the fullest length of any law book. Ireland has been far too damn soft on such culprits and its about time it bucked itself up in this regard alone.

The numbers are shockingly increasing.

5,917+ requests for placement in a help centre had to be rejected last year mostly due to a lack of available spaces. The 2015 number of requested help, is an increase from 2014. In that previous year, at least 4,000 women and children were turned away according to a report by SAFE Ireland, the domestic abuse umbrella group.

stop-1131143_960_720The state has 145 units to provide help against domestic abuse – and even these are proving not to be enough. 16 women a day have to be sent away as there is no further places for them.

It is clear we need to do far more.

Yes, that’s stating the obvious but when you hear about the housing crises that is encompassing Ireland, that in Dublin alone has got 100% worse under Fine Gael in the last year, abused women and children (even other men too) are also part of that homeless crises – but are all too forgotten about. This is simply not good enough in this day and age.


Róisín Shortall, the joint leader of the Social Democrats:

“Both Safe Ireland and the National Women’s Council have called for an increase of domestic violence service capacity by 14 family units every year for the next five years. In light of this report, from an agency under her aegis, the minister needs to give this immediate consideration and work with her government colleague to address the failings in the State’s approach to domestic violence.”

UnitedPeople, which continues to seek that women are all treated better and gain equal ability to advance in parallel ways (LINK), completely agree.

As for those carrying out the abuses? It’s time the REAL men in the elected Dail get their act together and increase legislation to see a crack down on those doing the abusing besides doing more to aid those vulnerable.

Let’s do better through legislation and spending, to see Ireland’s mistreated are far better prioritised over those attacking them, mentally and physically.

More elected should kop themselves on and do more – today.
Absolutely nothing less, is good enough!

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