An Example Of Local, Vote Losing Stupidity!

speak2I once attended a political meeting of a new party (not my own I have to state honestly) which was trying to recruit public support and new members.

At that local meeting, a list of topics was to be discussed. That was the plan. What actually happened was that a person from another opposition party with his friends, also attended. Soon after the meeting started, they disrupted the meeting continuously!

They did their disturbance act deliberate. The end result was third party, onlooking citizens saw two sides of opposition ripping into each other. Each was looking un-professional and each more importantly, also losing any available support of the public that might have been available that night. Those third party citizens surely went home – and for a long time re-told to many others, the events of the night!

In all likelihood, some of the third party onlooking citizens probably ended up supporting reluctantly, the usual bunch of older parties as it was a case of ‘better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t?’

Those that came to the meeting (to disturb) completely ruined their chances too of gaining public support for they too, made themselves look not just bad, but far worse, by not behaving in a credible public manner to garnish any votes! They came across as a bunch of thugs and if that is what they were seen as – they also being an opposition party – their party itself was open to be tainted by same tarnish!

Did they think “Ha! We ruined their local night’s meeting!” – likely but in their stupidity, they too, were seen to be non-creditable in behaviour – and anyone they supported, was likely stained too by their low behaviour.

There is a lesson to be learned here. If political opposition wants to get rid of the usual poor previous elected, they need with their supporters, to get their act together better. It’s that simple at local level!

One person should be not seen as JUST one person. One person talks to others – including across large viewed social media. Someone makes a fool of themselves in public, be it from an audience position or top table – more than one person will later find out about it!

There are no winners in stupidity – only losers. Losers mean lost votes! Lost votes means the old unwanted stands a better chance of getting back in!

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