Why Ireland Is An Occupied Country


It’s time we were completely honest with ourselves and took a hard look at what is happening in Ireland.

The EU is robbing our fish stocks of billions of euros annually while our seas are being polluted as super-trawlers process fish and dump waste, including dead dolphins caught in their massive nets, over the side.

The Troika (the three banking institutions) is continuing to quietly call the shots while taking billions of Euro and influencing national policy.

The TTIP style trade deal between Canada and EU is quietly being sneaked in (see last weeks reports – LINK). This will give mega corporations who, constantly lobby and bully our elected representatives, more power to threaten politicians into granting them their wishes. There is no public consultation on such grand theft. Fine Gael and the rest are just signing us to it against the wishes of the people. Who needs a constitution extolling democracy when elected politicians can just ignore it?

The courts, through the above, will see our democratic process weakened and corporations will be allowed to sue our state to the tune of billions of Euro – in other words public money – if what’s left of our democratic society dares to impose any laws which benefit we the people and try stop rapacious corporations exploiting and damaging our health.

Mega corporations have invaded our country and have been handed our oil and gas for next to nothing. They now own our natural resources while the public gets screwed for billions of Euro. Politicians will allow this state of affairs to continue and not utter a word in protest.

The EU has taken our once supposed neutrality under a policy called “Interoperability” and the public is not being told this or even been given a democratic vote on the matter. The EU in effect, runs our army while we are also being told to increase our military spending. What, you weren’t told that part either?

The media has been bought up by an elite with the help of dodgy political parties for the sake of more private profit and personal enrichment. Our politicians do nothing (surprise surprise ) to stop this media takeover where censorship by omission is the order of the day.

We have ineffective political parties and a public saying they want a true Republic of Ireland run by and for its people. But our politicians kissing backside in the EU  espousing we should be going by the dictates of an unaccountable body politic.

I could go on but the latest kick in the teeth is going to be on St Patrick’s day when our great leader, along with other politicians, is going suck up to the new US president, who has no interest in Ireland or its people. He intends to deport illegal immigrants, which would include thousands of Irish citizens. Why should Enda

Kenny grovel to Trump with a bowl of shamrocks when he does not respect us or want us? Except of course to use Shannon Airport for exporting troops and weapons around the world to their 4,000+ military bases and black-op sites. The hypocrisy is stunning.

Ireland, our country, the country your children will inherit (or what is left of it) is now occupied by external forces, idiots, traitors and sycophants following stupidly behind others in a brain-washed cult.

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour are not going to tell you this.

We are living in occupied times and the first step to solving the problem is having the cop on and ability to recognise it. We have too many blind politicians in Ireland and it is time they removed their self-imposed blinkers and took a hard look at the grim reality.

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