And Next Months Scandal Will be…

  All too regular it seems, not a month goes by and yet another fiasco, farce, scandal – call it what you will – seems to pop-up. This time the people’s attention yet again is being re-directed toward the Garda. It’s sadly becoming a regular occurrence in this direction alone. It must be that time when we will get another politician calling for another inquiry, commission or political led/inspired investigation. It’s great business and a great time indeed for individual solicitors, barristers and legal firms. A lot of their costs once again will be paid for by the state – in other words, you!

You would think the country would run out of scandals by now. Apparently not.

Amazingly, Ireland on statistic paper is said not to be in the highest category of corruption states in the world. Some could argue however, given the rate at which politicians call for yet another inquiry over yet another scandal, those involved in such matters – but not exposed yet – have just got better at hiding such activities? Indeed, many suspect all that has come out, is in fact just a seen tip of a mountain of stuff yet to be uncovered. Given that more and more items seem to pop-up nearly every month? 

7529316_origSometimes we have elected rightly bringing up such things in the Dail and other squirming elected cringe as they try to keep their head down, for they are too connected to those involved. Sometimes elected, even whole parties, avoid certain scandals, remaining all too silent for one of their own is involved too often. It seems we have settled into a way of things in Ireland where if you are elected and your party is not connected to the latest media publish scandal, you get to lash out at your elected opposition – but never fear, those getting lashed in the Dail, will likely get their opportunity too as one of the next scandals to surely arise or re-arise will give those attacked, to come back at their attackers? Such is Dail politics in Ireland!

When is the unfunny clown circus going to end? Maybe when elected are more accountable to voters?

Clearly the Representative Democracy system in Ireland is not working in the nations favour. Only an elected person either in denial or denying such as they are exploiting the current system, would try daftly espousing that our system is just fine. What do you honestly think? 

UnitedPeople is seeking to instigate – or re-instigate actually, as it was once in an early constitution better – the ability to hold elected far more accountable to the people of Ireland, on a more able basis and by free legal process. Given either the number of scandals still occurring or ones ducked by elected (if only because some of their own are involved), surely we need a better system to say “Hang on! Enough of this crap!”. You would think so.

Yet, despite 83% of those attending a recent constitution commission, coming to the same conclusion, later calling for such a needed legislation change – that matter too was and still is, continued also to be ducked. Raise the matter of what’s was mass voted to be returned – and once again elected heads go downward and that topic is avoided. It’s simply not in the interest of the bad elected, to see themselves more accountable – so the calling and talking about “Participatory Democracy” is ran away from.

As the national scandals continue, present elected that can really help chase away the wrong, the corrupt, the inadequate, the deliberate deaf or question ducking elected within Ireland… well they won’t bother! They too then must be replaced at election time. Not to do otherwise, will only see Ireland continue to roll from one fiasco to another.  

If your next local or national election candidate doesn’t support  “Participatory Democracy” then its time you chose a fresh alternative that does. In the end, it’s for your own good – at a lesser cost!

Constitution Convention Report

A previous example calling for better democracy.


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