Another Ireland Party Treating Us As All Stupid?

On the last day of the Labour ‘think-in’ Brendan Howlin has said that as the party leader, he would be happy to work with Fianna Fail if it moved more to the left. That’s nice – time to jump ship and switch sides to another party mad enough to take their on like a dog looking for a master – again!

Seeing as Labour has been for the last five years, pushing EU right-wing policies and Fine Gael right-wing policies – how about Labour try moving to the left where it should always have been in the first damn place?

Labour hopes to increase its membership numbers to 8,000. For the moment, it could be thought they are living in a dream-world of their own making on this. This is not to say they won’t do it – just in order to do it, the amount of PR spin, the repeated buckets of forthcoming crap thrown out to achieve it, are going to be sky high!

Don’t forget that Labour too is rejecting the #Appletax €13 Billion that’s owed to the people – while Labour was also party to ramming on people, a €64 Billion bank debt that civilians had NO part in creating in the first place.

Like other parties, Labour too seems to think we are all beneath them and complete thick! They are sure treating us this way? How? Well Howlin’s latest statement is that he believes a free water allowance should be given to families, with charges for any excess used (same thinking as Green Party, also supporting the multiple recharge racket!).

Hang on though… If memory serves me right and I’m not going senile, when the Irish Water racket was first started, FG and Labour stated the people would get a water allowance – but then they sneakily withdrew it without any public announcement! Now Labour is not only u-turning again – but trying on the same PR stunt allowance once more!

(NOTE: In order to get this allowance, you will of course, have to register with Irish Water, enter into a legal contract, sign your name thus giving Irish Water your legal recognition of them – thus allow them to recharge you – and admit against yourself that you are liable for this recharge!)

Just how thick do they think we, the public, are?

It’s just one more OLD POLITICS sly stunt, one after another. Labour admits they made mistakes in the past? They are STILL making them – and we are STILL seeing them!

They haven’t changed much at all. Just the PR crap is being reworded or regurgitated!

Labour members and supporters can go sod off… My feelings have not changed there either!

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