Another Week Of Rotten Politics.

The last seven days of government in Ireland under Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the involvement of Endapendents going along with it all, has proved once again to many in Ireland that their politics is rotten to the core.

To begin with, we have a transport minister that consistently refuses to get involved in matters related to transport at capital or national level. This is just incredible – but sadly all too true.

Then the Dail elected are intimidated yet again into silence by a non-impartial  Ceann Comhairle who uses his high paid position, to try protect his ‘brave’ friend. He did this less than 24 hours after the Dublin courts told Denis O’Brien that he cannot silence Dail elected – but that didn’t stop the Ceann Comhairle from trying something possible similar on! The state position, supposed to be impartial position, was suddenly again non-impartial – but Fine Gael and Fianna Fail will say nothing about this as it does not suit them.

Perhaps worst of all however, is the still continuing, Garada related veil of silence from Fine Gael and especially (again) Fianna Fail. For sheer self-interest reasons, they are refusing to call to account those that have been involved in another three year veil of silence, the Garda institution one.

Instead of doing what is right – being honest, transparent and exposing all wrong-doing – the two parties of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are  deliberate saying nothing, to call to account those that have created a Garda three year veil of silence. Biased media including RTE news and a good number of its journalists, are maintaining their silence too on the matter. RTE has in its top ranks, Fine Gael connected personnel who see out the party’s wishes all too often.

For years Fine Gael and Fianna fail have been to cameras and microphones, PR stating grand speeches on the matter of other state institutions maintaining veils of silence and because of them, the people of Ireland have suffered. Now, because of nothing less than pure self-interest, not the people’s, the two parties have invented their own veil of silence.

The sheer audacity and hypocrisy of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail is openly obvious.
Why The Silence? The Bigger Picture…
Fine Gael know that if there was a general election tomorrow or soon, they would not only be embarrassed by lower numbers elected later but they would be removed yet again from government offices. This would completely undermine their current (TTIP/CETA based) agenda to privatise as much as they can of state services and assets before they are ultimately stopped. They are still being aided in this agenda by Fianna fail and Endapendents.

Fianna Fail are desperate also to avoid a general election. They are currently trying hard to pay back a €1.5 Million Euro loan that has accumulated due to their last elections expenses. as their numbers have been lower elected to the Dail, this means that they gain far less in Dail financial assistance towards their party. What money they are getting, they are desperate to hold on to as they try to pay their outstanding party debts.  The last thing they want then, is to have an election that ironically, would in fact see them put into power with a coalition with Sinn Fein. They are at present, being their own worst enemy. Of course, they don’t want the public to piece together all this – including their lower rank members.

Knowing therefore, if they raised the matter of a three year Garda veil of silence, this would mean there would have to be more serious investigations and some immediate top Garda ranking sackings or suspensions. This in turn would prove to be fatal to the Fine Gael government and in quick time, bring it down. To avoid this happening, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are deliberate saying nothing about a very serious aspect to the already current exposed mis-deeds within the Garda force.


One national newspaper ran an article during the week stating the following:

“Up to 50 secret bank accounts, money laundering, fraud on a massive scale… and this is just the police force… welcome to the most corrupt country in the Western world. Name another country anywhere in the world that can boast a police force that used an actual laundry to launder money that should have gone to the State. Find me another nation where law officers could falsify up to one million breath tests and still keep their chief in her job.

Did I mention the 14,700 wrongful convictions and the smear campaigns against gardai who tried to highlight wrongdoing?

Still the disclosure that the laundry at the Garda Training College was being used to launder money is straight out of the Police Academy movies. Think about it, the institution charged with training cops to uphold the law collecting rent of €124,903 for land belonging to the taxpayer and keeping the cash that should have gone to the State at a time when the country was on its knees.

And it gets better for there was another account held for laundry and services, where 37% of the funds were spent on meals, entertainment, contributions to charity or to parish clergy, and the golf society. It has now been revealed there was as much as €5 million sloshing around in up to 50 bank accounts.” LINK

The article – more in particular, its explosive contents, also has been deliberate ignored by RTE news and other biased media as they too, impose a veil of silence upon the Ireland nation. They too, along with Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Endapendents, continue to stay too silent on much out of nothing but sheer self-interest and greed.

Irish politics continues to be rotten to the core and at the center of it all, is the usual culprit parties and individuals.

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