Apple Tax Points You’re Not Meant To Ask About!

The following are simply Apple tax points the public is not supposed to know and those corrupt involved, certainly won’t be mentioning them!


1. The European Commission (EC) at NO stage has said Ireland’s tax system has been illegal under Irish law. FG/FF banging on about “illegality” is pure distraction hogwash!

2. The EC case was over some companies in Ireland being giving greater tax advantage over other companies just in Ireland.

3. The EC case was taken ONLY because of point 2.

4. The EC case is NOT attacking Ireland’s right to set taxes. It’s challenging Ireland’s INTERNAL biased tax system. FF/FG hope you won’t kop the difference.

5. If FF/FG accept the #AppleTax ruling, it would be tantamount to (a) an admission of bias that existed under their then government and (b) leading from that, either they were aware and did nothing – or were unaware and completely stupid in office!

6. FF/FG didn’t dispute €64 billion bank bail-out bill slapped on the people to pay – but refuse to actually take money being GIVEN to the people!

7. The EC spent THREE years detailing everything. Yet FF/FG think they can dispute the case – despite failing to do so for the previous three years of prior ongoing investigation!

8. FF/FG are ‘kicking the can (issue) down the road as they know there is at least local elections to win – if not a sudden national election that might happen over any issue!

9. Apple and other companies are still saying its “business as usual” for them in Ireland.

10. Apple has €200+ billion in cash reserves stashed away. They can EASILY drop €13 Billion and not blink while doing it!

11. Even with a corporation tax rate of 12.5% (if they would even pay that – and many are not) – Ireland tax rate is far lower than other European countries – so other companies are absolutely in no rush to pack up and move to another country with more standard rates of 25%+.

12. FF/FG know point 11 but won’t care to admit it. It again undermines their complete tripe currently being spilled to cover their backside, regarding either complicity or utter stupidity and in-action.

13. FF/FG have wasted €670,000 already disputing a case with the EC that they cannot win. The evidence is just far too detailed.

14 The EC evidence is far more available in the greater FULL detailed report that FG won’t allow others to see!

15: AGAIN>>> Why are FG/FF fighting this Apple case when already Apple themselves said they got special treatment to the US Senate? Lying parties are continuing a blatant lie – beacuse in part, to tell the truth would be an admission of guilt or incompetence on present government or previous ones! This could lead to votes lost from the public and they know it!


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