Attacks On Social Welfare Continue

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Sadly, but not surprising, the attempts to undermine what once was a full state run social welfare system, continue today. The Dail Mail headlines supposed workers claiming they are paying too much tax in relation to Social welfare.

The claim comes from an unelected, popping up instead, business company called “Ireland Thinks”.

There might be some truth in the Mail article regarding opinions but there is another aspect to “Ireland Thinks” claim which Fine Gael and more, don’t want their public to be aware of?

As people can witness for themselves if they delve deeper with independent research or checking already facts out in the public domain, Fine Gael, Labour and more are quietly finding ways to weaken Ireland’s social welfare system.

When they are not chopping it up, closing down its once state department services – handing those services over to private companies to profit from (Seetec, Abtran and more), other business companies such as “Ireland Thinks” are open to be political used used to distract citizens away from activities the political parties have an even bigger hand in – they costing the taxpayer far more lost money through their incompetence and sometimes business complicity, example: the Apple tax situation.

The current social welfare system costs many millions to run as a department system and maintain as payments go outward. There can be no denying this. The money that it spends however is greatly gained initially from workers (through their pay) before they later become unemployed themselves – besides other already imposed progressive taxation systems in operation for many decades.

The nation revenue lost to taxpayers however by companies such as Apple, Google, Starbucks and many more – all allowed to get away with it by political parties turning a blind eye to their tax dodging schemes – runs far more, to the tune of billions of Euro every year however.

The citizens of Ireland are not supposed to notice that billions of Euro is being far larger lost while political parties try distracts the public over an actual lesser amount. They are also back-door targeting unemployed as something to be vilified with the national press playing right into their hands. Indeed, as many citizens have found out, some of the press is their closest friends?

Their attempts to distract people, also helps the political parties again mask that they have been (and still do) allow major companies  continue the usage of fiction addresses, fiction staff numbers and fiction buildings on account books, to dodge paying what the state is actually owed via a 12.5% tax rate. The recent European Commission case was centered around this very point – but again, the public are not supposed to notice. Fine Gael and Co are continuing yet another distraction attempt here too by saying the Apple tax issue is based solely over the EU trying to stop Ireland’s low corporation rates!

As the EU Commission recently repeated over and over again, the Apple Tax case was taken because Apple (others too!) are NOT EVEN PAYING the 12.5% tax rate that other smaller businesses are being asked to pay WITHIN the state.

Meanwhile, the continued attacks to vilify unemployed by political parties, to suit their own agendas goes on. The use of a lesser social welfare issue, as a reason to distract a nation of citizens away from what rotten political parties are actually quietly up to, goes on.

If political parties can get workers (by ‘blowing up’ an issue from nowhere) to destroy from within, their very own social welfare system – a system they or their children might need later – the political parties will have succeeded in their agenda of (a) being able to introduce more opportunities for private companies to step in and (b) keep voters away from being more aware, of the many more billions of Euro lost through same political parties incompetence or actual business complicity.

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  1. BANANA REPUBLIC, that’s what we live in, Most of these underhanded schemes and scams are thought up by life long civil servants on large wages plus a big tax free golden handshake and a massive pension when they retire. They are devoid of any moral consideration for the hard pressed worker. Shame on them and their political masters.

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