Clinton Emails Leak Was From US Intelligence

FBI letter

It turns out that the US intelligence community are in actual fact responsible for the Hillary Clinton’s emails getting to Wikileaks.

Mrs Clinton has for the last few months been blaming the Russian government for the leaks, in order to try undermine Donald Trump, her Presidency race opposite.


FBI letter


Steve Pieczenik, a long time member of the US intelligence community, appears to have exposed details of how Mrs Clinton  was acting not in the best interests of America. The FBI silently and mysteriously released Hillary Clinton investigation documents which were due to be buried under a 25 year classified rule.

The FBI Vault silently and unexpectedly made documents relating to the investigation into Hillary Clinton available to the public – documents that were not due to be declassified until 2041. That being the case, a person should ask why would anyone, never mind an agency, therefore release such important and explosive documents early before they could be buried by a Democrat controlled White House! Agencies were unhappy about an attempted national cover-up by persons there?

We can finally stop blaming Russians” he has stated. Pieczenik has also said “US intelligence – brave men and women in the FBI, CIA and wider intelligence community – submitted the emails to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks“.

Given his decades of serving under many other US Presidents, his creditability is regarded as very high. Few in America would be foolish to question his built up reputation, it appears.

That such a statement has come from him, would be no surprise to many in America. Those currently still working within its government and agencies, are unable to admit their willingness not to see Mrs Clinton gain the White House. They cannot openly state their dislike of they maybe soon to be boss. Mr Pieczenik, it appears, is in a better position to speak for them so that present employed are not arrested for speaking up and disclosing what has been going on the last few years – even decades.

When it comes to the American agencies, its well known that Mrs Clinton she not a well liked parson. Previous members of Bill Clinton’s security often referred to her as “The Fridge” and reportedly, were at the end of regular oral abuse from the woman. Given her later activity along with then then ex-president husband, lobbying for foreign states and businesses over US interests – which has earned them $250+ Million, the intelligence community is alarmed that the Clinton’s are coming back for a second bite of the state cherry.

Even the current American president, has refused to criticise the re-started FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton nor have they criticised James Comney who was legal obligated to report to US Congress that such investigations had re-started – see HERE.




Steve Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker. He also served administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush as Deputy Assistant Secretary. Given his decades of massive intelligence experience, he, to this day maintains strong internal connections to all US intelligence departments and agencies.

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