Clock Ticking Down On North Korea

Regardless of who you side with (or be neutral) in support, the US government continues to see itself with an urgent major problem on its hands. The problem being North Korea (DPRK).

US president Donald Trump has now in place off North Korea, many of their navy and onboard military pieces for a possible future weapon strike. The current reason given for them positioned there, is that they are carrying out military exercises with South Korea. This can be challenged however by the latest news that Trump in the last few days, has sent in more of an armada.

The US full time employed cyber warfare section of the American Military, combined with intelligence from US secret services,  has reportedly managed to hack into the DPRK’s rocket launch system. The effect of this has been to create a rocket firing failure just after launch, a few days ago. Besides needing to actually test its latest rocket tech, North Korea also wanted to flex its political and military muscle, to the world. Inn both cases, it’s been temporally embarrassed.

The latest US I.T. hack on North Korea, gives US military a period long enough, to get their THAAD missile defence system up and running in South Korea. If any of this sounds familiar, you will remember the previous USA/Israel creation and use, of the Stuxnet anti-Iran virus which stopped that state from further progressing its nuclear capabilities.

North Korea if attacked, has promised a first response retaliatory strike, on the South. With an attack on North Korea. USA and South Korea know there will be some civilian deaths. It’s all about limiting them to a lower number as possible. Once the defence shield is in place along with a few other preparation factors settled, the USA will make its next real move on North Korea.

Note: The THAAD system is still flawed in a number of ways. The vehicles purchased (from China) in 2012 by North Korea, to fire some of their missiles, have now been adapted to reportedly allow two brand-new types of intercontinental missiles, doubling the number of such systems in North Korea’s arsenal. Both are carried in canisters, which are also new and make the missiles easier to move, hide and launch quickly. The canisters are sized for missiles larger than any known intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are already designed to reach the United States’ east coast (though they have not yet demonstrated that capability).

They now being more than just a truck but still transportable – easier to hourly move and hide, even from overhead US spy satellites – it makes it much harder for the United States to then track and find every missile. The vehicle has a track rather than wheels, which allows it to hide along North Korea’s many dirt roads or mountain passes, similar to the truck-mounted ICBM. It uses solid rather than liquid fuel, which means it is always fueled, making it more mobile and able to fire on short notice. And the canister makes the missile more resistant to the elements, which means it can be left outdoors for long stretches.

The USA THAAD system might prove to be still a big failure as there is two well recognised ways to potentially bypass the system. First, though the missile defense has only a 120-degree field of view, a DPRK offshore submarine allows the rouge state to fire from virtually any direction. Second, DPRK could “loft” the missile, firing it nearly straight up and then back down at a speed that could overwhelm missile defense batteries,

In 2012, when North Korea unveiled a map with a war plan for nuclear strikes against major American cities, “we all fell out of our chairs laughing,” said Melissa R. Hanham, an analyst at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, Calif.

After a series of breakthroughs, including those shown on Saturday’s public parade, they’re not laughing any more, Ms. Hanham said: “The more they roll out, the more it looks like that is their actual plan.

It’s expected that the leader of North Korea will again be more cautious by keeping his public appearances to a minimum. This will be nothing new for him however. His main hideout bunker (one of many) is equipped with a military command center. This is located inside Mount Baekdusan near the border with China.  The bunker location was specially picked as it’s a convenient location near the Chinese border.

As a back-up plan, it’s suggested that Kim and his associates could seek asylum in China if the worst happens, by scampering across the near by border. This would happen after possible giving the orders to release whatever working military hardware his minions had to working hand. As he would go further into expected hiding within China, behind him, he would be leaving both a physical and political mess for years, if not decades.
Current US Political Situation.

President Trump knows that if he and the USA fail to take out North Korea’s coming increasing nuclear ability soon, they face a serious headache at home, in political terms as well as militarily. Whatever political party will be judged to be the ultimate failure in dealing with North Korea, allowing it to finally create nuclear weapons to pointing at American citizen heads, will repeatedly face humiliation and regular thrown accusation of “incompetence” on a national scale. North Korea is determined to churn ahead in its nuclear aims.

Unless Trump and the Republican party destroy North Korea’s nuclear aims, one way or other, the Republican Party and Trump himself, will be seen as a major mismanagement disaster. “The Republician Party – weak in defence of the American people“. This is something they cannot also afford to see happen – so they are forced again by their own party interests, to resolve the current situation. The price of it all, could be in further civilian lives.

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