Confirmed. Eircode – A Complete Expensive Waste.

The Sunday Times this morning (LINK) confirms more so, of what many people in Ireland has been aware of since day one – the total waste that is the bullied in, already outdated Eircode postal system.

The €38m cost of providing a seven-digit postcode to every address in the state is unlikely to yield any net benefits. This assessment is based on listening to witnesses who gave evidence to the Oireachtas committee on transport and communications, and by studying the scathing criticisms of the project by the comptroller & auditor general (C&AG), who concluded that costs were underestimated and benefits overestimated.

So says The Times.

UnitedPeople members and many others beyond, all have been saying from the start what Fine Gael and Labour rammed down people’s throats, was a complete and utter waste. An expensive one at that! It looks many stating the obvious, yet again have been proven right. Not that Fine Gael or Labour gives a care anyway! With their own self-invented, then rammed in agenda, they continuously carry on regardless, given the chance… This is nothing new from them. Further recent Irish history also bears this out.

Meanwhile, The Times has gone on to state another fact nugget which many was aware of…

In 2005, the year that work on postcodes began, An Post delivered 73% of mail on the day after posting. In 2015 that figure was 91%. They know where we live. The 91% next-day delivery was the highest since measurement began in 2003. The target of regulator ComReg is 94%. So the post office staff who sort your mail send it to the right town and county, and the delivery staff put it in the right letter box. Why, then, did the department spend €38m on a non-problem?

It should be said that The Times for quite a while, has been reporting many things that Irish media back home, has been not willing to cover or pass further on when exposed by The Times. Irish media, especially including the very biased RTE news, has been blanketing The Times exposures for years – including one (LINK) that showed Enda Kenny branch friends profiting from Irish Water, the company, through non-tendered, quiet, back-door, non-announced contracts.

Regarding the Eircode farce, the state comptroller & auditor general (C&AG) has found that PR spun ‘expected increase in revenues from growth of mail volumes’ was sold to the public as going to be around €2.9m a year to An Post. That was the then sales pitch. The result was that even those numbers didn’t add up. Those number didn’t even happen. Why?

Widespread uptake of postcodes has not happened. Many business people and private individuals have seen Eircode for what its is – yet another bloody expensive state disaster – that has ONLY seen Fine Gael and Labour friends or those ‘in the know’ supposedly better off financially? Specialised equipment for foot/bike/van etc, post staff, to even decode the ridiculous inaccurate and out of date system, is not available.

With many other reasons (see link at bottom), the Eircode farce has only been a winner for those involved in setting it up and ramming it down a nation of throats – but then that’s what Fine Gael and others are best good at! Ramming things down on people, through self-appointed, private profit based agendas of their own.


Fact: Postal letter usage has dropped by almost 40%. On average there is a continuing 4% drop a year.

  • 2009: Cost of the Eircode farce (supposed background work)- €18m.
  • 2014 April launch, cost was €25m.
  • 2015 August, costs were €38m (52% increase in 16 months).
  • The C&AG has stated a project adviser contract worth €54,000, was awarded in 2008 “without a competitive process”.
  • “Consultant B” had a contract valued at €103,000 –  however, by August 2015 had been paid €145,000.
  • “Consultant C” had an all-inclusive fee of €2,000, –  in reality “payments totalled €38,000”.
  • “Consultant D” had contract for €24,000 – but they ended up getting €51,520.
  • “Consultant E” had a contract for a maximum payment of €30,750. What did they get in reality? €46,000.
  • “Consultant F” had an invoice price of €115,000  – the expected cost in total is expected to be “approximately €200,000”.

The whole thing stinks of more political party connected antics.

Unless there is a miracle, Fine Gael and Labour will see to it that no one will be held accountable for the complete and utter farce that now has cost the state over €65 Million Euro (and the costs are still adding up). In truth, why would they go hunting for those guilty for creating this additional mess? For those responsible for it’s forced insertion is some of their very party members! They are NOT going to hold themselves accountable. Heaven forbid!

No. Once again we shall see more top executives state pensioned off in (public paying again) serious amounts- in order to keep their silence over who else is connected to the whole farce? The usual political parties will do bugger all to stop the Eircode farce.

  • They can’t admit that it was a disaster from the start.
  • They can’t expose that their own people was involved.
  • They can’t let it be exposed that there might be too much connections between those financial gaining from this next farce, to those in political office?
  • They sure as hell won’t want anyone in a court dock, to be held accountable – in case they also expose who else is responsible (and how they did it) while defending themselves? This might explain why others previous in government have also not seen a court dock when they ought to be there, arrested for crimes against the state?
  • They can’t expose that their own corruption has created yet another financial disaster which has only seen private companies close to them, even more profit – while the public pays yet again…

So the main usual parties, who will continue remaining more silent about the matter, will try keeping their heads down and hoping the rest of the nation doesn’t majority get to hear of this one more, additional farce they are responsible also for.

The political parties in trying to keep the matter silent, will of course be aided in keeping it all out of the public eye via those that control mass media in Ireland. More blanketing of issues such as this, will continue via RTE and newspapers all too friendly towards guilty political parties.

The majority of the nations people will once again, be tried kept in the dark about yet another matter they should be far more made aware of.

Note how much of the above facts WILL NOT be reported to the nation by RTE and other national/local media…

If it wasn’t for the likes of others, like The Times, Ireland people would be even more in the dark – deliberately – thanks to a trio of Dail parties! You are not supposed to be aware of this either though…


13 things that are wrong with Eircode: LINK
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