Donald Trump – US President Elect.

  Many people will be waking up to world news that Donald Trump, a property developer, has become the 45th US president.



People around the world might not like the man – he is of highly questionable nature – but now the world and its leaders more so, have to deal with him and respect his awarded office.

Let us be clear here. He has spoken and is accused of acting in considered racist, misogynist, dividing tones. His views on people trying to save their water supply at Standing Rock are upsetting to many and understandable so. He has spoken about carrying out 11 million deportations. His views on many things come across as unsettling. There is indeed, interesting times ahead! Possible scary ones too…

We have wrote about lessons that can be learned from the US president race previously – see HERE. Now that Trump has won, here too, there is more to be learned.

When people are unified and irate at what has gone on within their country, they can as a force, still occasionally introduce change that upsets an all too cosy political ‘apple-cart’. The people if pushed into a corner, can still come out strong and still send a message that they won’t put up with a usual carry on.

This is what UnitedPeople has been saying for some time. If people are unified and despite others attempts to undermine, change through them can still come if they stay strong in determination.

The message from American voters is that they feel they have had enough. The resulting vote has come about because of that in part. As to the quality of the replacement choice in America, now the rest of the world has to deal with it.

Now that the establishment here has realised again that nothing is ever a sure thing or unshakeable, they must also acknowledge that people power can have an affect – even if the outcome is sometimes still questionable as in the case of Trump!

You disenfranchise people? You can still pay a heavy price from the people!

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