€5,000 Approx TD’s Pay Bump While Debating €5 for Pensioners

14292284_1384522828242683_5965465444283406875_n One day from the 2016 budget, Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and more, are said to be discussing if they wish to give pensioners a long awaited increase in the state pensions. Exposing possible double-standards, it’s emerged that for the next three to four years, the TD’s themselves are to get an average €4,000 to €5,000 pay increase for their own pocket.

The news of their own massive wages to be increased further by same amount for the next few years, couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Dail elected – except for an actual election time. If the budget expected tomorrow doesn’t produce items in it that substantially boost people’s pockets, for all they have had to suffer through years of austerity rammed down their throats, the mood again will grow of dislike towards elected. With local and European election on a time-line in a year or so, a great deal of public is likely not to forget the latest dose of double standards from Dail elected presently situated  there.


From April 2017 Taoiseach’s pay will be €190,000+ (not also including expenses and other perks). The Tainaiste’s pay will be back over €176,000. Other ministers will get a bump of €4,000 approx, putting them over the €160,000 a year bracket and standard TD’s will equally see a year on year, increasing pay bump too.

All will get their increases along with their usual large expenses and other perks. as their pay will all rise, so will their eventual pension entitlements  which is assessed according to their rate of pay.


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