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Teenager school book 2  UnitedPeople would like to see a greater state investment in education. The once land of "Saints and Scholars" has fallen from its once highly prestige position. It's very possible to take Ireland further up the education ladder of success. It will take not just finances but commitment combined with really dedicated people, there beyond just sustaining employment.

If the state is trying to espouse "Free education for all" is available for citizens, it should see that what it PR says, is actually more accurate. We would like to create more state investment for schools, greater permanent contracts for teachers. It is all too clear that the state needs more Special Needs Assistants (SNA’s). Sadly its not getting the numbers needed. UnitedPeople would like to turn that numeric down tide to more positive numbers.

We believe that an improved program of physical activity at primary and secondary level is needed to help combat obesity. Widening the still limited subject range of school physical activity, we would like to see greater encompassing of other sporting skills and movement. UnitedPeople would to further look at ways, if elected, to enhance education establishment opportunities, in order to be able to do this for their students.

UnitedPeople seeks a constitutional guarantee for a right to education placement regardless of religious or non-religious status. The nature of a person's religion should not dictate or affect a person's access to a better education.

teenager-775053_960_720We believe that immediate integration of additional practical life skills into the school curriculum should be adopted.  This in practical terms means the stronger study by students, of Irish Tort and Commercial Law, along with the encompassing of legal self-protections and defence of their human rights. More sustained education is vital regarding home loans, bank legal matters, interest payment (including interviews with those that have experienced same) issues and more.

Despite same time yearly bursts from TD's to do so, few have then gone on to actually tackle the issue of school uniforms. The costs from (too many) limited sources picked by dictatorial establishments, has hit a lot of parents today, hard. Those struggling financially already, are yearly hit with this burden despite some state help being financed out. Instead of just trying to ease the pain, UnitedPeople wants to address the very core issue - and unlike still present elected - actually tackle the matter head-on.

Teenager school bookThe matter of school books also needs to be seriously addressed. The education book companies are operating in poor underhand ways at times, to ensure parents are forced to financial shell out time and again for books that could in fact, be recycled to younger children in any one family or on to others also in need while low in financial funding.

More schools too, could greater assist this issue by having children place their written answers in copy books. Some already do this and we gratefully thank them for their continued efforts in this and other ways they strive to support those most vulnerable.

Again, this a yearly on going issue that elected at local and national level, are PR uttering at convenient scholastic start/end times - then move on to do little or nothing soon there after! UnitedPeople is serious about tackling this continuous, unresolved core issue that hits every family home, right across the country!

unitedpeople health.


Healthcare and access to Healthcare in its present two tier form must be completely done away with. There should be absolutely no difference in the way people are treated on the grounds whether they have money or not. As long as there is a difference, its an excuse for an elite to try selfishly profiting from the sick and disabled. Morally too, we find this in extreme poor taste.

We see the abolition of the prescription charge/tax. This has definitely struck that heart of the elderly on low pensions, unemployed, disabled and others on low working income. It is in no way a progressive 'tax' based on ability to pay. It's just slapped on by the state to further embellish.

Far more priority given to use of lower cost generic drugs - with a re-look at current contracts also that in price comparison, are raised in Ireland while same economic states elsewhere avail of same drugs at lower cost , while the manufactures still maintain their own healthy profit margin.

The decision to issue a medical card should also consider some non-medical costs associated with a condition such as direct travel to a serious medical facility or parking rate full coverage/discount. We believe that there is serious need to Increase the number of diseases that automatically qualify for a medical card.

One issue that arises frequently, is in the area of rural healthcare costs. There still appears to be ongoing issues regarding this matter. It too helps negatively in making the farming industry a less positive attraction to work in as a worthwhile economic choice. UnitedPeople would like to address this and further seek out ways to easy those that are all too vulnerable still.  We would like to see greater usage of health care offices in rural areas for those living in outspread communities and greater support for those servicing them.

It sadly has to be say, still growing waiting lists continue to exist. There needs to be far better addressing of those delayed on them and why, down to the very processes responsible, delays needs to be re-examined. Those areas need to be exposed to find current causes. There has to be greater accountability upon those who are continuing to fail your health system. This includes toward elected also who are repeatedly failing despite political promises spun at election times. A new positive upward, achievable path in the health system needs to be more found for staff.

Accident and emergency department protocol procedures need to be re-examined with more emphasis on improvement, in part also created by better listening to ground crew/staff on a daily basis.

UnitedPeople does not like any current underhand attempts to silence workers from highlighting areas that crucially need to be exposed. Threatening to affect already gained wage benefits and pension rights (besides including any open or hinted threat of dismissal) should not be held over someone that has done the physical work to earn them.  Greater worker free speech rights should be constituted to ensure that exposure of poor procedures are highlighted - while no unprovable personal attacks should be instigated and rights to maintain a good name are protected.



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