Ireland Branch Of Scientology Cult Expands.

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Ireland Branch of Scientology Cult Expands.

time-cover-402x536x8This Saturday, the 15th, is not a good day for Ireland. On that day, the Scientology Cult will open a new public office at 4 Merrion Square, Dublin.

I make it no secret that I have long stood against this cult and its nothing less than shameful ruining of lives, the terror it has caused in people around the world and the heartbreak it has caused many, many families. It’s leader is nothing but a psychopathic thug and coward that has personal ducked the media for 25 years – if only to avoid a lot of questions including deaths in his cult. Many along with myself, consider him nothing less than a raging bully in a suit.

If I had my own way, I would ban this bloody cult from our shores along with the disguising fronts that it uses to hide its “Scientology” name. I would also instigate that students at second level, be made very much aware as past of social studies, the existence of the likes of these cults and how they operate.

In order to continue create awareness, UnitedPeople has a page solely dedicated to creating further awareness about this cult – see HERE – UnitedPeople consider it very important that the public is informed better regarding a number of areas. A better informed public, is one much harder to fool and exploit.

I urge every parent around the country to continuously make their offspring aware at the appropriate time about this cult. It’s to the shame of continuous governments that they have done bugger all to stamp out this money and people grabbing, diabolical set-up.

My posting here is NOT an attack on any genuine religion. Before someone pops-up and might say that “Religions are just as bad” – ponder this…


(a) Forces its members into virtual slavery. Giving them little or no pay for a lifetime of work.
(b) Gets people subjected to high volume sales pitches in order to buy (or re-buy) their founders bizarre, expensive trash.
(c) Treats its members/victims in such a way that they are convinced to break-up from their own wives, husbands and children.
(d) Operates a full time, massive building, spying agency in the USA
(e) Has its own sea-org of even more dedicated fanatics.
(f) When not using own people, hires detectives to stalk objectors and people that have escaped the cult, for years, 24 hours a day, all year…
(g) Has created complete fiction in order to frame someone of a crime, to try silence them.
(h) Has deliberate infiltrated USA government departments over years and tried same in European countries.
(i) Hides its ‘church’ head for over 25 years!
(j) Operates a continuous MASSIVE smear effort all year, against those who expose their shameful acts and results.


I could go on. The point is, this cult has not gone away and now they are again trying to expand further into the minds of people of Ireland through professional polished techniques.

The abomination that is Scientology, must continue to be opposed and be exposed.

Jeff Rudd.
Leader, UnitedPeople.


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