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Parents And Children Take Wallop

  Fianna Fail and its useless head, Brian Cowen reported yesterday that he is making the children and parents of Ireland pay by cutting the Early Childcare Supplement by 100 Euro per head. Cuts to this supplement, at a time when young parents working in the private sector are having their salaries reduced heavily by a larger pensions levy weekly, and when their jobs are under threat, will create hardship and provoke outrage in equal measure. The Government is looking at cutting the supplement by up to €400m.

  The Early Childcare Supplement is a direct, non-taxable payment paid monthly for each child under five and a half who receives Child Benefit. The payment, €92 per month, or €1,104 per year, is intended to help parents of children of that age to meet their childcare needs. Reduced now by €100, this is now to come into effect right away from March


Irish People Not legally Contained.

  Are Irish people illegally contained? This question arises after IHRC president Dr Maurice Manning has stressed that the European convention on human rights states that no one should be deprived of their liberty because of their inability to fulfill a contractual obligation.

  The numbers of people that are now being jailed for not being able to pay their bills has risen sharply. 276 people alone were jailed last year for failing to repay loans to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. A further 1,000 are jailed each year for refusing to pay fines imposed by the courts.

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Banks Still Screwing Irish Customers
11 May 2009
  The Irish banks will have to pay back 45 million Euro a year less than was expected it appears. They will make this saving while at the same time saving 90 million Euro by failing to pass on interest rate cuts to their customers. On top of this it's likely that the banks will go begging to the government again for 1.70 billion Euro as a further cash injection.
  The AIB appears to want 1.1 billion Euro and the Bank of Ireland seeking 630 million Euro. Fianna Fail Finance minister Brian Lenihan said the government would be able to charge the banks 500 million a year but its been discovered that the figure will actually be only 455 million for providing state guarantees for a supposed 80 billion Euro.
  Also revealed is that Brian has no powers to force the banks to pass in the cuts in interest rates to the public! 



Church And Orders Remain Stubborn
In The Face Of Public Anger.
27 May, 2009
 The religious orders and churches of Ireland continue to refuse cough-up any realistic amount of revenue that might help those that was indecently treated while under their care. As of yesterday they were continuing to shrug off the people of Ireland and their government as further contributuion from them was demanded by the public, politicians and officials. Under a deal ten years ago that was quietly made to limit how much they would cough up, the current money they are willing to pass over is only up to €127 million. This is flying in the face that they own many, many properties around Ireland that run to the tune of Billions of Euro.
  Knowing the serious extent of their sex crimes and abuses for many years, they are still refusing to be held even accountable to any serious degree. Instead, they are continuing to anger the people of Ireland by getting them to pay for the religious orders sins and crimes!
  Representives of the 18 orders met two days ago and in a joint statemant afterwards, said they were not willing to renigotiate the far inferior deal made with the government at the time. Instead, they also added another vague statement 'we fully accept that we seriously failed vunerable people while in our care and we have an ongoing responsibility to meet their needs'. Just how they were going to do that yet again, remains unclear. A situation it appears the public is getting used to in regards the actions of the orders within Ireland.
  Much increased anger is also aimed at those that so far, have gotten away with their many crimes. Many having been protected from the public, smuggled out of the country in some cases or just moved from parish to parish, they have yet to see or pay personal penalty for their horrendous crimes. Deep seated anger is also at those that helped cover up their crimes and who are also equally accountable under the eyes of the law for shielding the perverts within the orders.
  It has emerged that Garda commisioner Fachtna Murphy has appointed one of his most senior officers to look at the posibility of bringing further prosecutions against some of the culprits in the near future.

ESB Staff Get Special Treatment
  IBEC has said the decision by the ESB to pay a 3.5% increase to staff at a time when cutbacks are needed is disturbing.

  Chief economist Danny McCoy was speaking outside Government Buildings where talks between the social partners on spending cuts are continuing.
He said the pay increase sends out the wrong signal at this time.
Meanwhile, ICTU General Secretary David Begg said if more companies followed the ESB example, there would be fewer workers struggling to make ends meet.


Ryanair to impose new €30 surcharge
(4th Feb' 2009)

  'Low-cost' carrier Ryanair is to impose a €30 surcharge on customers who cannot cram all their duty-free purchases into the one item of on-board baggage allowed per person.
Handbags, laptops, duty-free shopping and briefcases will count as separate items under new baggage restrictions being operated by their airline.
  And anyone who cannot or who refuses to squash their box of chocolates or personal computer into their suitcase will face being put off the plane unless they stump up the additional fee.
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Only 12 TDs Now Making Pay Sacrifice

  According to  report in the Irish Independent (here) only 12 of our national TD's are taking cuts. This is all the while they are on the whole pushing the rest of us to take even larger cuts in our lifestyle, savings and incomes! Is this a further smacking of hypocrisy the public is continuing to ask?


The Perks Of Government
  Our present glorious leader is paid €70,000 more than the head of the Labour party in England. Add to that a near €40,000 extra he gets in perks, it adds up to quite a wage.
The taxpayer is now forking out nearly €100,000 in unvouched expenses for TDs every day they attend the Dail.

Unlike practically every other worker in the State, the elected representatives do not have to provide receipts proving they spent the money. And the majority of backbench TDs receive allowances on top of their basic pay for service as chairs, vice-chairs or whips on one of the 20 Oireachtas committees. This means that the average expenses claimed by TD during the first 10 months of 2008 amounted to €39,905 each -- €6,000 more than the average industrial wage. On top of this, the country's 60 senators claimed almost €3m between January and November last year. The generous agreement which allows them to claim lavish expenses is unsurprisingly set by the Oireachtas which they run. Mileage, overnight allowances and office costs are all payable unvouched.

Just for showing up, TDs who live within 15 miles of Leinster House are entitled to €61.33 in travel and subsistence. Those who live 16 miles and further away are given €139.67 for overnight expenses. Each TD is also provided with €40,090 to employ an office secretary, although recent Freedom of Information requests have shown that many hire family members.

An analysis of expense claims for the first 10 months of last year shows that TDs claimed a whopping €6.5m, when the Dail sat for just 68 days. That works out at €95,588 for every day the Dail was in session. On top of this, allowances received for chairing Oireachtas committees are pensionable. Other bonuses include office equipment and stationery, a free parking space in Leinster House and free postage of 21,000 envelopes a year.

Government Ministers are also entitled to "walking around money". The €240-a-week extra is paid to reimburse them for money spent acting as a Minister. The special tax-free expense was not reduced when Ministers agreed to a 10pc pay cut in the October budget. And that is before you factor in overseas travel.

Last year, it was revealed how in just eight month, TDs and senators (excluding the Taoiseach and Government ministers), spent over half a million euro on overseas travel. Some 115 of the public representatives bagged junkets to destinations including Australia, Washington, India, Egypt, Mexico and even Kazakhstan.


Thirty-six current politicians from across the political spectrum are pocketing €700,000 a year worth of ministerial pensions -- on top of inflated salaries and massive expenses.

None of them have reached retirement age!

Among the biggest beneficiaries is former Bertie Ahearn who has a pension of over €160,000 on top of his salary. Other 'pensioners' include the leader of Fianna Gael Enda Kenny, who draws a yearly pension of €15,000, and his deputy, Richard Bruton who gets €14,041.  But when Senator Brady raised the matter at Brain Cowen's economic briefing for Fianna Fail TDs recently he says he got "the silent treatment".

Other individuals in receipt of large State pensions include the multi-millionaire businessman and 'God's Banker' Peter Sutherland, who is chairman of BP, one of the world's largest multi-nationals. He collects a yearly pension of €50,000 as a former Attorney General -- as does wealthy Senior council Harry Whelehan.


EU Emigration Proposal To Effect Ireland?
21st Sept' 2009

  Europe's Justice Commissioner will today demand a change in the law in regards to emigration. Under current law the asylum seekers could be sent back to the country where they entered the EU. But a proposal which would allow foreigners to claim asylum in any EU country they want is currently up for change. The fact that illegal migrants can only claim asylum in the first EU country they come to has offered huge protection to the European states as it tries to stem the tide of those drawn by generous welfare benefits and jobs in the black economy.

  The rule dates from 1997, when Tony Blair agreed them at a summit in Dublin. Before then, however, illegal immigrants could be returned directly to the country from which they entere. But with both the European Commission and United Nations calling for a change in the law, thousands more could soon be allowed to make straight for Ireland and the UK.

You Got Frozen Bank Rates?

Thursday 3rd September and the ECB (European Central Bank) has announced that it is freezing it interest rates for a whole year across Europe at just 1%. This means that mortgage holders should now expect to hold onto their record low interest payments. However if the individual banks are not treating their home customers in the same fashion, customers are advised by the ECB to move their mortgage elsewhere if possible or at least start asking questions at their bank! The ECB is freezing its rates till September 2010.


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