Elected Deliberate Avoiding Bin Service Charge Issue

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  24 hours after the much hyped announcement that ‘pay by weight’ for more of nations bin services, was cancelled, we now have a different reality. It has not.

“THE PAY-BY-weight system is not going to be scrapped, but is being delayed” according to the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten. LINK

Denis Naughten has been handed the whole issue after Simon Coveney made a complete mess of the situation. Fine Gael couldn’t afford to have one of their more top ‘aces’ more PR damaged in the run up to a coming leadership election?


Bin charges - UnitedPeopleWhile the whole matter was delayed simply by months so that people’s anger might drop (it was hoped) and then the public would roll-over in compliance, none of the main party Dail TD’s was willing to discuss the matter of “Service charges” to be added on to the still forthcoming new bill format.

They still won’t.

The private bin companies are going slap on an extra yearly charge to everyone’s bill. It won’t matter to them if you put out your bin or not, some days. They intend to still hit everyone with a yearly bill for services available – if you use them or not. The average service charge bill is expected to be between €200 and €300 Euro minimum per year for this section of the bill – and this is BEFORE you also pay additional ‘pay per weight’ charges on top, per bin.

TD’s of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and the Green Party, ALL have been DELIBERATE avoiding the matter. They are doing this for two reasons.

  1. They don’t want to make the public aware of the matter till it’s too late for them. By them they will have been trapped into bin company contracts.
  2. They fear another form of ‘water recharging’ national uprising if a majority of the public fully notice on what they were up to, then decide to get organised and oppose this next scam.

TD’s cowardice and deviousness on the issue betrays just how undeserving they are to be in elected office, as they continue to deliberate avoid mention about the extra charges to be added on.

Stabbed In The Back.

Originally, as parcel of a government sale pitch, bin services were supposed to be part of the government tax placed on people homes. Water services too, was ‘sold’ to the people as justification for household’s tax imposed.

Since then, the nations people have been financial stabbed in the back, in betrayal. All the major parties that have been in government, have allowed both water and bin services to be detached and then actually recharged again separately. Many consider their actions is nothing short of being greater devious and previous misrepresentation.

In 2014 estimated Local Property Tax proceeds of €550m went towards water services – before the same devious parties decided on their on mandate, to separate water services from the  Local Property Tax and again separately, then try recharging for the same thing. They have now done the exact same thing with bin charges. Even worse however, is the extra costly ‘kicker’ to the public – the additional services charges that they won’t discuss.

Is it seriously any wonder that the general public is sick and tired of the mainstream parties?

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