EU Army Plans Further Progress.

eu-644654VoteWatch Europe, a non-governmental organisation that monitors the votes of European politicians, has come out with their professional analysis and stated that Ireland is unlikely to be able to resist a renewed drive from Brussels for greater EU military co-operation.

Ireland currently has a massive national issue that is not being Dail, Senate or media discussed at all. RTE and other media favouring long established parties, is keeping the public uninformed as to what’s currently progressing. UnitedPeople however, is continuing to monitor the ongoing issue as can be found HERE in great detail. 

Just last month, gone largely unreported in Ireland, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, was applauded by MEPs when he called for the EU to:

“move towards common military assets”

In his latest speech in the European parliament on the matter, he again reiterated his ongoing desire for a new EU military headquarters. 

Despite massive evidence to the contrary, Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs incredibly continues to state that there are:

“no plans for a European army”

They say this in spite of the overwhelming evidence of names, dates and places exposed by UnitedPeople and the Irish magazine, The Phoenix (LINK), which further details that someone in state office is (a) completely lying or (b) completely stupid.

European army battalions, have already been joining up to create the EU army and increased military spending plans that also includes an Irish military increased budget, is also under way as Ireland co-joins a new arms race. The uncovered evidence being kept from a majority of Ireland’s public, appears to bear this all out.


The UK Factor.

Doru Frantescu, director of VoteWatch Europe, and Eva Chitul, an adviser at the IDA Group (a Brussels government affairs consultancy) has gone on official record as stating:

“There has always been a push for the creation of the EU military headquarters but concrete steps have never been taken towards it due to opposition from the UK,”

Now that the UK is out of the EU organisation picture due to their wish to leave the European political monster, with them going along with their once powerful voting position, the EU army creation process could soon see a further official progressing vote, carried out. The UK exiting of the EU creates a “qualified majority”, that will allow Jean-Claude Juncker to see his long wish for a European Army, to become all too further real. 


Hiding The Full Facts.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has gone on record as stating:

“Ireland’s long-standing policy of military neutrality, which has been pursued by successive governments, is characterised by non-participation in military alliances. The commitment to this policy was reconfirmed last year in the foreign policy review and in the white paper on defence.”

However, beyond the PR spinning of a government either in denial or trying again to ‘pull a fast one‘ on the few public aware of the matter, the European reality is that the EU Army is tank and troop marching ahead and through “Interoperability” (a political used phrase to avoid saying “joining up” – like “Rendition” is to “unwarranted kidnapping”), is part and parcel of the forthcoming new EU army.

Despite what the Department of Foreign Affairs says, the actual evidence of Ireland joining a new arms race (detailed previously by UnitedPeople) and agreeing to participate in joint militarisation operations, exposes again what governments can state in PR, is not necessarily the actual full truth! In fact, maybe the complete opposite?

…Meanwhile, a great bulk of Irish media continues its blackout on the whole ongoing matter. A nation of people are vast majority, being kept in the dark.

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