Fianna Fail Playing Both Sides RE: Water Recharging

cafo30marAs of today (6th, November, 2016) Fianna Fail is still playing both sides of the current water recharging issue debate.

Their continued sitting on the fence in position, continues while they also attack both sides at various times.

An example of this, is they still holding out as to if they will oppose a new regime of water charges – if as some expect,  the Fine Gael set-up expert commission is supposed to skirt around but head towards by clever report wording later this month.

Barry Cowen, Fianna Fail’s spokesman on housing and local government, has gone on record as stating that his party’s position was not “absolutist” opposition to charging. In other words, they will go with whatever they can get away with!

it was originally Fianna Fail that self opened the doors for the people to be later bullied in to being tried recharged for something they already pay for multiple times through vat, motor tax and even the state levy/tax on properties.

Fianna Fail signed the “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Troika (three finance institutions) that really started the current water recharging mess. They are still hoping that a majority of Ireland’s public will forget about that at the next upcoming local – and possible national elections.

Barry Cowen has further added:

“We don’t favour a charging regime at this time because the system is not fit for purpose. We will treat [the commission report] with the respect it deserves and consider its recommendations and, ultimately, the Dail will decide. If you were to ask me currently, I expect you won’t have charges again in the near future, but that is not to disregard the processes we are moving into.”

Both major parties along with Labour and The Green Party who also seek some form of charges, still in fact use the word “charges” instead of calling the next public tried on water bill. as what it really is – and that’s “recharging.

…But for they to to use the correct wording would expose time an again, just what all of them are trying repeatedly to do now or later on when they hope to fool the public yet again. They hope too that the commission and time intervening since the last national protest, will have taken serious wind out of the previous protesters objections and physical street protest numbers.

Alan Kelly, Labour Jobs and Enterprise spokesman says that:

“The commission could not legally recommend anything other than a return to charging for water.”

This is still something Labour also wants to see slapped again on the backs of every possible person in the country. Their water recharging position has not changed either.

Mr Kelly also states;

“The expert commission on water has a predetermined outcome. What it has to recommend is what form the charges will take. There is no legal possibility people won’t have to pay for water in homes.”

connolly-larkin…So nothing has changed there from them!

So much for Labour having the backs of the low to middle class in Ireland? Connolly and Larkin must be rolling in their graves once more at how far today’s Labour Party has sold out and back-stabbed the people it’s supposed to be aiding – not further financial crucifying?

Alan Kelly’s words expose that the Fine Gael set-up water commission is indeed a probable PR farce, one with the outcome easily determined already before they officially report back.

The commission is also suspected as a way for political parties that want the recharging to further continue, to be a way to deflect the public anger away from themselves and onto the commission as someone else to blame instead.


Good To See & Hear.

Sinn Fein still says that it “will oppose any recommendation to reintroduce water charges. That is good to see and hear through media – but we politely suggest to Sinn Fein and to anyone else that they united, call the FF/FG/Labour/Green water bill bullying as it more accurately is – and say they  “oppose any tried on recharges“.

This would serve to remind the national public as to what the schisters in government and those with them, is still trying to ram down a nations throat (just like the incoming TTIP Treaty).

Saying FG and Co is trying to “charge” the public is factually inaccurate – they are trying to “recharge“. FG and Co know this to be the case but in their continued deceitfulness, are using the former term rather than the more accurate one.

More Ducking And Diving.

To add to Fianna Fail still all over the place, back and forward, u-turning, saying one thing – then supporting the Fine Gael party in the opposite direction in the Dail – besides selling out their own core members who didn’t want the party to put FG back into the Dail – Fianna Fail along with others is completely – deliberately – avoiding mention of anything to do with still water meters being installed and they hope later used.

They are also completely – deliberately – avoiding mention of the still continued existence of “Irish Water” itself and playing along, hoping the public will forget about that side of of the whole issue too – and just roll over, accepting the existence of the farce, possible illegal set-up, mega-expensive private company.


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