Fine Gael Early Christmas Present For Builders.

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homeThe very first line of an the Irish Independent article today states builders denials, regarding they already seeking to more financial grab at a FG given  opportunity. A national growing issue for political debate, it’s already plain to see by many people, that some builders are out to seek greater profits – while PR spinning against raised price evidence that contradicts them. (LINK)

Developers and estate agents have denied that hikes of up to €45,000 on house prices just hours after the Budget are linked to a grant scheme to help first time buyers.

As soon as it was announced, many beyond the Fine Gael government with a working brain, realised that the budget rebate of €20,000 for first time buyers only (just for new properties over €400,000) was in effect a chance for builders to hike up prices.

That was what EXACTLY happened within 24 hours. Up went the prices. If anyone was to believe that the timing of out of the blue, price hikes, was just absolute coincidence – they are simply exposing themselves as naive, outright stupid or lying in attempt to support Fine Gael and Co. 

“The Irish Independent identified three new homes, whose purchasers will qualify for the new scheme, which rose in price. In one instance, a three-bed home in Dungarvan, in Co Waterford jumped by €38,000 to €210,000 on A second house in the same development went up €21,000. A house on the same website in Craughwell, Co Galway jumped by €20,000 to €195,000.”

Just coincidence? Who is Fine Gael and the building trade trying to kid? Are they really treating us as completely stupid? It looks that way?

budget-cover2The FG and Co house plan fails abysmally in helping homeless. It does so because it completely fails to also aid people that on lower wages, with a lower house price plan that still burdens their struggling finances.

The rebate which was awarded to those actually rich enough to be able to buy a property over €400,000, is considered nothing less than a bonus to the building trade and seen to do nothing to ease the current waiting housing list around the country.

While Fine Gael is PR spinning that it will do wonders for housing, reality within 24 hours clearly shows different! Their additional budget stunt that also has already turned in farce, exposes again, what some say is an ongoing agenda of the party to look after a profit seeking elite before their very own national people.

UnitedPeople finds it very hard to disagree with that contention.

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