For Health Reasons Alone, Irish Cult Must Be Stopped.

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There is many, many reason why the Scientology cult and financial racket must be stopped. An explanation breakdown of the dangerous insidious organisation can be found HERE.  One of the main reasons is also to do with people’s very health.

We strongly urge people to warn others including open minded,
more susceptible teenagers, about this professional front using cult.


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The Scientology cult has many fronts in order to hide its usual underlying aim – suck people into their twisted sick, financial extracting, family breaking-up crap! One of these fronts is Narconon, an expensive substance-abuse rehabilitation programme. This next money gathering front for the cult, requires that patients actually sit in a sauna for hours on end and take high doses of vitamins
that has been world medically shown to damage an already stressed liver. This is just one wrong operation (of many) they do – which is just one part of their many money grabbing fronts.

The Scientology cult behind Narconon, who set it up in the first place, promotes the cult’s twisted health programme, every day.

unnamed-3-e1476199014213This cult MUST be stopped from operating here in Ireland. The government was concerned about how women health centers were deliberately giving out the wrong advice (see HERE) – and they made a later big media stink about that. Here we have a similar, even sicker cult doing worse – as an Irish Times article today above also mentions (LINK).

The Fine Gael government ministers are ALL too quiet about this cult and it’s included spying operation (“Office of Special Affairs”) upon the people of Ireland and even its own elected.

For a government to once more for months – even years – sit on their hands and do nothing, will again expose just how completely useless they are as elected representatives and as a group in the Dail.

It’s a disgrace that this cult is even allowed operate in Ireland.


What will Scientology’s new Dublin office do?
Irish Times – 15th October 2016

The Church of Scientology is opening a ‘national affairs office’ on Merrion Square. A former member of the organisation warns that it may try to influence politicians and other public figures.

Newspaper article link.




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  1. Well written and extremely well researched; too many people are blinded by the front-groups’ false promises. Scientologists, by doctrine, firmly believe that all misfortune has been deservedly brought upon the victim by their own actions, in this life or in one or many of their past lives -yes, they believe in this garbage. So why would they set up a group claiming to help those less fortunate? As always with this cult the answer is MONEY!

    • Thank you taking the time to stop by, read and comment. It is much appreciated.
      UnitedPeople is committed to continue exposing this cult for all that it really is.
      Our nations people, their wealth and their well being, very depends upon others along with ourselves, to do this.

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