Free Education For All? Who Are They Kidding?

14292445_1381648635196769_5525500474400157546_nThe continued unfunny joke of all, from the usual political Mafia in the Dail, is that they still spout about “Free Education” being out there for all school students. Is there anyone besides bad or lying elected that are willing to hold their hand up and say they also believe this continued crap? If you do – go stand in a corner!

The truth is that the scholastic rip-off’s continue.

Every year, near regular as a school timetable, we get a brief bit of political party chest beating for self-interest PR. The timely topic? “We are going to do something about costly education.”

That period of guff lasts a few weeks at most – a month if you’re lucky! Then when the children are back to school – months and months of further silence. This happens every year. We are now again entering into the long silent period before next years brief dose of useless political guff!

So what needs to be sorted in this “Free Education” Ireland society?

  • How about starting with the prices of the damn books?
  • How about telling the book companies to make the books more re-usable? The companies have kopped on that if they make the books so that they have to be wrote in, they are not likely to be sold or passed on again – so more new books have to be bought for a later child in same family! KA-CHING!!!
  • How about more secondary schools operate rental schemes as in some primaries do? Why the hell isn’t this more happening? The prices of individual school books is sheer nuts!
  • How about stopping book companies exploit the nation by they slightly changing a paragraph or two around, changing a heading, etc so then they can just claim “Well, these are the more updated versions needed!”. Lets cut this boxollogy out!
  • Some schools now are saying you must buy an expensive iPad at €800+ a shot. If you have a couple of children? Apple wins again! Parents lose! No, you cannot give your child a cheaper alternative!

See and hear what the elected are NOT saying in relation to school book price rip-offs. They are willing to tackle the smaller stuff but when it comes to the big book price issues through company methods used – there’s too much silence still on that topic! They avoid direct challenging the source of the high prices!

NOTE: Before some adult smirking clever-clogs pops up and says the equivalent of “Well you had the kids, it’s your own fault!” – REMEMBER… Ireland is heading towards a massive state pension crises – so the state actually needs more kids in it – so that they can grow up and then earn money, which is taxed, which then goes toward the clever-clogs state pension!

UnitedPeople will say the following this month and every month “The “Free Education” farce has GOT to be tackled.”

What’s your local or national elected saying – or then later doing about it? 99.9% chance it’s bugger all!

It’s not damn good enough!


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