Government Betrayal on Eviction Bill

In one way it was a day to remember because the people of Ireland have yet again been made to suffer.

This day was just one more in Ireland’s history where its people have been left screwed by possibly the biggest bunch of traitors ever elected in the history of the state.

Spineless, disgusting Fianna Fail – a political Mafia that’s doing nothing short of playing both sides of a political spectrum – has abstained from passing an eviction Bill that would have seen the people of Ireland have greater protection over their homes.

Bear in mind that one in five of the entire political Mafia is a private landlord and that there is a clear conflict of interest here which works against the public interest.

The fact that they would run and cower in abstention on such an important issue is a national disgrace and has become one more blunder in their shameful history to be recorded for posterity.

  • When it comes to Fine Gael and the traitors within it, we of course would expect nothing less than more of their backstabbing actions upon the nation’s people.
  • This a party that continues to financial rape an entire nation in many ways.
  • This a is a party that openly steals from people’s bank accounts.
  • This is a party who’s members espouse that we should abandon one of our biggest economic trading partners. It is economic suicide.
  • This is a party that tell others not to break the law – but breaks it over and over again.
  • This is a party that kisses ass in the EU while bullying and threatening it own people.
  • This is a party that is quiet privatising everything for their rich mates to gain from.
  • This is a party that has at its head, a delusional lunatic that likes to invent fairy stories and pass them off as real (in between telling lies like he told to a Greek representative on Irish tax) on an international stage.
  • This is a party that is already multiple charging people for services – and now attempting yet again to press-gang many with their thuggish actions (and Fianna Fail sticks by all this and continues to prop them up).
  • This is a party that won’t take 13 Billion Euros which is owed to the people by the Apple Corporation – but is in fact fighting a case so not to take it – which in turn is costing the state (your tax money) even more money. It is beyond absurd.
  • This is a party that is continuing the mega expensive “Irish Water”, Eircode and more, to the national cost of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of tax payers money PER YEAR.
  • This is a party that has left our health service in chaos and the worst in the EU.
  • This is party that has cost the state the BILLIONS as they allow foreign super-trawlers to rake our western shores and sends in the navy, guns pointed at Irish fishermen, to stop them from catching far smaller stocks of fish.
  • This is a party that has further sold our “neutrality” as a nation state while signing up to join an EU army and increase military spending while leaving people at home, starving and lying in hospital corridors.
  • This is a party that, like Labour and Fianna Fail previously, has financially raped the old, parents, children, the sick and the unemployed.
  • This is a party (along with others) that’s giving YOUR personal data away repeatedly not only to state departments so they can screw you over too but to private companies (foreign and domestic) without your permission.
  • This is a party that continues to vote for wage and pension increases for themselves while telling the rest of the nation that there is no money for others.

Frankly we could go on – but you should be starting to get the picture… If you don’t then remove your blinkers and awake from the political cult you follow.

Everyone should be out on the streets and shouting “Enough of this crap!”

The people that are staying at home and willing to completely accept the above crap and more must be needing their heads examined too just like Enda Kenny and his mates.

And meanwhile Fianna Fail stand by all the above while propping Fine Gael up in government. It’s absolutely sickening.

It’s about time more people in Ireland copped themselves on and woke up. It’s about time more people got off their too complacent backsides and did something for the country. Some of us are trying to do just that and we will keep trying.

Staying at home and remaining silent is not going to get us anywhere and this includes our children. We are going to be further screwed, and not in a nice way, unless we seek a republic that truly serves the interests of the people.

Please get up and get out protesting. It’s YOU that’s being screwed left, right and center. Don’t you give a crap any more about yourself and how you are being treated? You should care – and you should be fighting for yourself – and your children.

Once again we call on the people of Ireland to get up and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

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