To A Homeless Woman, Treats For Her Guide Dog Is Grateful Received

2016-10-05wm  Tonight a partial blind woman and her assistance dog will bed down on Grafton Street – so reports the news on TV this evening. Making use of the food kitchen twice a week at the Central Bank to try survive, by her very own words, she lives day to day just to exist.

In the last year alone homeless in the national capital has increased by over 60% in numbers alone. Homelessness in the country have never been so bad in the capital and across the country. The lady on Grafton Street bedding down on cardboard is just one of many – in fact over 2000 in the center alone, tonight. There is also 800+ children homeless tonight. These are kids that not only don’t have a roof but their education at such a delicate age, is also possible affected in a bad way.

The roots of the problems go some years back. The problem of homelessness however was exacerbated greater however by continuous incompetence from one term of Fine Gael government or another. Fine Gael and Co didn’t help the problem either by allowing the banks to kick people out of their homes after two months rather than twelve. Twelve months had allowed people time to plan better if they were to lose the roof over their head and even save to try keeping it. The banks able to move in quicker just after two months however, made sure many of those already in dire trouble, were further kicked faster to the gutter while they were down.

…Not that some political parties cared as they only sought to see banks got preference again over the people of Ireland!

Spare a though for those that are homeless tonight and if you come across any, if you can, please show them some help and comfort too. As the partial blind woman’s sign says, while she is once more outside sleeping tonight, even some treats for her guide dog is much appreciated.

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  1. Thanks government you make us all really proud..!
    The fact is that all the corrupt bastards are sleeping and eating well and not giving these poor people a second though..

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