I don’t understand it….

I don’t understand it….

People to this very day, give out to myself (and I suspect others) for getting involved in matters concerning what’s going on is society and to people. “Why bother get involved in politics? What good is it going to do you?” They don’t get. it is NOT all about me – far from it…

Speaking for myself however, my answer is simple. How can one NOT get involved in trying to improve things? What am I supposed to do? Sit on my backside and not only allow myself to be treated like crap – to be exploited in many ways – but even worse, sit on the sidelines, allowing bad elected to use or abuse my wife and children today? Not on my damn watch!

How can one sit and let others roll down on them, a daily amount of exploitation and undermine their basic rights? For me, it’s beyond comprehension as to why so many gripe about others trying to change things!

If you are waiting for someone else to do these things – well guess what, you are bloody someone yourself. Stop waiting for changes to happen. Make it happen yourself. It’s only our children’s future too, that’s being screwed while too many complacent sit and then moan about others actually getting up, trying to do something.

How can anyone NOT get involved in politics? Politics keeps the lights on. Politics homes the homeless. Politics creates the economic conditions that will see your sons and daughters living in better times ahead or again, taken advantage of!

Life is politics. Politics is ALL about life…

You either live it or you ride through life, being the exploited rather than being part of the positive change that’s needed.

So if anyone doesn’t like my getting out there and trying to create fresh positive change, they clearly don’t have a clue about parts of life at all.

Meanwhile, others and I will continue to try bring about that which is needed not just for today but for tomorrow too, to for my children and country. Politics just doesn’t bring bad days – it creates good ones too – and I’m trying to do my best there too, for my children.

The all too complacent just don’t get that – and that’s a damn shame! Those that give a crap about life – will get involved in life and try to improve it.

Doing nothing, changes nothing. Life is about changes – you become a victim of them – or you make them work for you! I have chosen the best option – the only option – not for myself but for those I love and my country!

How in hell can one not make this choice?

Jeff Rudd
UnitedPeople Founder.

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