If You Mean Something – Damn Stand By It!

12924335_10207806868483464_1414384834591366270_nFianna Fail latest re-charging antics on water is seriously stretching their credibility – what little is left of it with the public. As a journal.ie article exposes in the last few hours, the party has frankly been all over the place on the matter of water re-charging and Irish Water – cowardly ducking the meter usage issue and a constitution anti-privatisation amendment.

Let’s stop beating around the bush and call it as it is at the moment.

  • Fianna Fail NOW says it wants to scrap water re-charges.
  • Fianna Fail won’t however, support a measure to see the re-charging attempt gone!

Regardless of what other party might be also playing politics on the issue, stuff them, stuff the lot of them… If you take a position, stick to the ruddy position and support those that hold the same view! STOP using other parties as a stupid excuse to not even support what you say you support… This action is bloomin’ ridiculous!

Ok – if others might also being playing footloose on the topic – then say so – but at least have the balls to stick with what you are trying to PR sell to a voting public. Fianna Fail un-merry dance around the whole water re-charging issue, is exasperating, annoying, and a downright disaster as regards sustaining their dying credibility on the issue.

While we are at it, lets state more facts?

There is too many damn parties unwilling to state where they stand clearly on all matters surrounding the whole water fiasco. Here is where UnitedPeople stands:

  1. “Irish Water”, the private company has to go. End of story!
  2. The usage of water meters to re-charge. has to go!
  3. The attempts to re-charge for water again, has to go!
  4. There has to be a constitution amendment to protect our natural resource and connected services from privatisation.

Some parties are dancing back and forth on the water re-charging issue. They however, shortly thereafter cowardly crawl back under a rock, not daring to mention where they further stand on “Irish Water” or the usage of meters. The spineless wimps are ducking the other issues desperately. This is not good enough for the voters of Ireland! They all deserve better!

Parties should all get off the damn fence and state EXACTLY where they stand on all four points. Right now however their un-merry bloody dance around only what they want to speak about, continues – and its annoying the hell out of many people while undermining their own credibility and party, on the whole issue.

…And they all want to try running the country? If they can’t get their damn act together on one major issue, how in hell are they going to further handle a whole bunch of them in government office?

The whole crap around our nations water has got to end.

It’s #Timeforbetter

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