Inaction Costing Millions & EU Double Standards

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EU FlagNews has emerged this morning care of the EU that due to continued Fine Gael government incompetence, Ireland or more accurately, the Irish tax payer, is to be fined (again) to the tune of millions of Euro. Even worse, possible billions of Euro depending upon how long Fine Gael inaction continues…

The Fine Gael Party now into its second term of inaction on many matters, to see the state fined for missing EU climate change targets. This has come about because the party still has not arranged after six years in office, to instigate a system needed to predict the effect of economic policies on the environment. This is something that is demanded from all EU states by European heads of state. Failure to comply comes as a costly fine price.

Leading from the latest Fine Gael incompetence , the country faces up to €6 billion in fines due to failure to meet emissions targets by 2020. The knock-on affect of this cannot be under-estimated. An EU imposed fine of such substantial nature would see any funding that was previously available for planned tax cuts or spending increases, to be undermined destroyed. The public therefore would lose out again.

Fine  Gael has also failed in the area of dealing with the still growing EU issue of methane gas emissions in Ireland. Fine Gael, who takes a good deal of its core support from the farming community, has put on the long finger yet again, going to the community and addressing the issue. Ireland carbon emissions are related to animal growth (up 3% last year).

The party, now along with others in government yet again, having additional failed to tackle Ireland’s growing transport, carbon emission problem with too, is leading to increased emissions in this area also – much to EU annoyance. New car sales is estimated to rise by a total of 20 per cent, to 150,000 in approximate number, before the end of this year.

The Department of Finance has issued a statement earlier this year regarding carbon emissions, saying:

“While the actual cost of not meeting the 2020 target cannot be known at this point, analysis carried out for the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources indicates that a shortfall in the range of 1 per cent to 4 per cent on the overall target could result in costs to the exchequer of between €140 million and €600 million,”

Government departments are now passing the blame for failures, on other state sections. Ireland’s Department of Finance has apparently said the introduction of a modelling system had been the responsibility the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. Whoever is to blame for not carrying to out the actual work, orders from the top, for it to commence after six years of Fine Gael intransigence,continues to non-appear.

More EU Double Standards.

Fine Gael u-turnSince Fine Gael took to government office in 2011, it has espoused at great length that whatever the EU says, must be eventually capitulated to. From seeing that bank gamblers were paid despite no legal obligation to, the payment of bondholders (which by coincidence Michael Noonan is one also), the Fine Gael insistence that water recharges must be imposed on an already paying public and more – Fine Gael now is taking a double standard position yet again.

The latest dose of double standards comes care of Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes.

“The Government must be firm in defying new (EU) capital rules for Irish banks when this issue comes to the EU negotiations. Whatever the European Commission proposes, the Government must stick to this line. The new Basel rules must not lead to more banking paralysis,”

New “Basel IV” rules, setting standards for how much all lenders must set aside to cope with losses, are being drawn up by EU heads, to try stop further banking financial disasters.

Fine Gael meanwhile, continues to give out to the public about not complying with EU demands for water service recharging – while at same time, is itself, still paying EU fines for it still imposing VRT on Irish motorists – something that the EU has ordered to be changed.

Fine Gael while also telling the Irish nation that the state must comply with European imposed tax regulations and payment of fines, is also in double standards, still holding out from taking the €13 billion Euro of money available now – which is owed to the state since USA Apple company has continuously slipped around Ireland’s official corporation tax rate of 12.5%. This is a tax rate that Fine Gael tells others in Ireland they must pay – while the same party has seen other major companies openly defy it under their watch, by using fiction companies, addresses and even fiction staff.

Fine Gael and Co, responsible for all this, is hoping that a voting public will once again overlook their inactions, inadequacies, their double standards, their timely corporation blindness – while seeking their support at the next local and European elections!

On this and a still growing number of issues, Fine Gael is likely hoping the voting public will again have short memories, while their pockets and bank account amounts continue to be taking a hit.


UPDATE. 9th Nov’ 2016



Michael Noonan has warned MEPs that the EU risks undermining its own fiscal rules if it forces some states to follow them while letting others off the hook. LINK

Aaa… here – Fine Gael really is pulling our chain…
A couple of days ago Fine Gael was saying they would defy new rules on EU banking – now Michael Noonan has warned that the EU risks undermining its own fiscal rules if it forces some states to follow them while letting others off the hook.
In other words, some FG heads are saying they are with the EU, want to stay in the EU and want to follow EU rules – while they are saying this, they are also saying they will defy EU rules, won’t take EU money the state is owed and won’t abide by EU rules.
In other words… are they trying to do more flip-flopping than Fianna Fail (example: when they speak on the topic of Irish Water?)
Noonan has the hard neck to give out about others letting off people, in typical FG double standards. He says this while his own damn party allowed Apple, Starbucks, Google, many vulture funds and a lot more to escape paying even a low 12.5% rate of corporation tax – while telling Ireland SME’s, taxi drivers, small shop owners, self-employed and every other citizen to cough-up repeatedly.
Fine Gael and its representatives yet again speak with forked tongues.

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