Ireland Censored Topic – The Undemocratic Treaty

Public services under attack

  The secret TTIP treaty that soon will be undemocratic forced upon Ireland’s people, has been death another blow care of German Courts. they have made a legal ruling that goes to the core of the TTIP Treaty.

“A German court ruling published yesterday highlighted, among other issues, that it is unclear whether the deal violates Germany’s constitution and that the deal’s mechanism for removing regulations is not democratic: the court ruled that Germany must be able to exit CETA at a later date – which the current text of CETA may not allow – and that CETA’s ‘regulatory cooperation joint committee’ must be subject to democratic control.” LINK

In other words, the CETA treaty, extremely similar to TTIP, has been found to be undemocratic and highly questionable in relation to undermining  a nations constitution. This comes;

“…only weeks after a study highlighted the deal’s threat to jobs, growth and intra-EU trade, and MEPs raised concerns about the deal’s threat to workers’ rights and public services, and the danger posed by CETA’s corporate courts.”



These are same concerns that have been massively raised by Ireland’s people along with others across 500 million populated Europe. 100 international law professors alone, from 24 nations, have such serious concerns about the treaties that they have gone public in a lengthy letter, explaining their very concerns and calling for a halt to the ongoing operation. Their joint statement is available HERE.

For the record, UnitedPeople is absolutely against the imposition of the TTIP Treaty and other similar treaties being undemocratic shoved down the throats of people in additional countries. Why we have taken this stance, we explain HERE.

In the last few months alone, the TTIP/CETA treaty has become more exposed in detail as to just how bad it will be for nations, farmers, businesses, healthcare (to name a few areas) and individual people.


The whole topic of TTIP, CETA andd other similar being bullied in treaties, continue to be blanked by both national media and Ireland elected representatives. RTE to its absolute disgrace, rarely mentions eve the existence of the TTIP treaty which is about to be further tried shoved on a nation of people who will get no democratic vote, on its adoption or not.

The people’s elected representatives will again act as bullying thugs as they enforce the treaty without seeking the consent of even their own voters. Alarm has been raised repeatedly from many unions, national institutions and individual professional, across the world, over the Treaties being undemocratic being imposed. See HERE for one example.

The news of this opposition and facts that expose just how bad the treaties are, continue also to be unmentioned by national media. There has been little or no Dail discussion on the matter and Ireland elected politicians are cowardly refusing to discuss the matter with their local voters, within their own very areas. No public debates are being allowed and when elected are invited to come to any meetings to discuss the treaties, they cowardly duck those meetings also.

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