Irish Water – Now Targeting Nature In Wicklow

Roundwood versus Irish water

img247  If Irish Water is allowed continue to bully its way, Roundwood Gardens in Wicklow is going to need the nations help in a big way.

Irish Water, the company that thinks it’s a law unto itself (the Fine Gael and Labour has ensured this by making it legal non-accountable to the National Ombudsman) is progressing its plans to have a possible devastating affect to the Roundwood beautiful area (LINK1)(LINK2). Irish Water are proceeding with their own plans to create a new water treatment plant despite the existence of one there already. These plans are being still pursued despite the Fine Gael government PR spinning to the public, about a suspension of Irish Water operations.

Locals in Roundwoord and conservation groups claim it will damage wildlife along the river Vartry. Amid the already objectors is Donald Pratt, founder of the Avoca food. He is on record as stating:

“It is not Isis and Palmyra, but it is not far from that expression of the worst of human behaviour.”

Several environmental and wildlife groups are also opposed to the plans, while Inland Fisheries Ireland has said Irish Water has:

“failed to evaluate the impact of the proposed sustained, reduced flow on the downstream catchment”.

An Taisce has also expressed its serious concern that the fixing of leakages would reduce the flow of Vartry’s water downstream. This in turn will have a domino effect of affecting Irish wildlife.

The Vartry Anglers Conservation Club is also speaking out against the proposed massive plans. The river has been described as one of the best for salmon in the country.

Roundwood versus Irish water

They haven’t gone away you know!

Despite words of supposedly going to get rid of Irish water, political parties in the Dail have gone all too quiet as to the continued existence of a company set-up under seriously dodgy circumstances. Same political parties are now avoiding the subject. They are hoping the public will forget what they stated previously – that being  an intention to close the mega-expensive monster down.

Meanwhile, Irish Water itself is trying to churn ahead with its own plans to further land grab. Roundwood is just one location of more where its trying to quietly take land off the state asset waterbooks. Their actions betray that they are under the illusion that their future is safe and have no worries as to its continued existence and method of operation.

The water commission set-up by Fine Gael to overlook Irish Water’s existence and recharging the public yet again, itself is suspected as just one more Fine Gael set-up which will eventually give it what it seeks – one way or other.

With plans such as Roundwood and the company putting out to tender, the hiring of a a debt collection agency, its apparent that as long as this company is allowed to continue, the footsteps of later thugs operating in its name, might be darking doorsteps of people’s homes and even natural environment areas across Ireland.

Protect our water services

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