Irish Water Recharge Tricks Continue.

One Mess After Another.

  If Enda Kenny was trying to send out a unified message as regards water recharging refunds, once again his political attempts have failed miserably. Today’s newspapers – depending on which on you read – say either that Fine Gael heads are espousing there will be some form of refunds or that there will be no form of refunds.

examiner-1bIf all this is confusing to the public, it surely must be confusing to Fine Gael supporters, members and even elected, as they try to be seen doing the right thing in order to safeguard their local supporters.

The to and from of “Will there be repayments or not?”, is starting to overshadow another underlying element concerning the water recharging efforts of Fine Gael. That element is a blindingly obvious one to those willing to see it.

In short, the public is again being sold the idea that they will be given an allowance (always open to change at a moments notice) and that if anyone goes over this, they will face further charges. This entire stunt was tried on the public before and was rejected. Fine Gael and co are now trying the same stunt again.

  • Note: they also tried the same allowance trick also with prior bin charges – a year later, those allowances was done away with – once people were all legal signed up to a business!

All that remains to be seen, is if there will be a state requirement for people to claim their allowance, they must sign-up to Irish Water? If the public continue to stand their ground and refuse to sign anything – even by interacting with the expensive to run company, the public leaves themselves oven to being trapped into contracts via “Silent Consent”.

Silent Consent.

Interacting with a person or business, to an extent that a judge can see you have accepted the other – giving in this case, a business, a legal recognition that they have some form of authority over you.  This in turn, gives them a legal a right to interact back with you – as you have accepted their existence, including their right make possible further demands upon you.

If the public even accept anything they offer WITHOUT even signing a document – they are accepting their very existence and thus, awarding them a right force dictates upon them.

This is why many have decided  they are better off having no interaction at all with Irish Water whatsoever – except to tell them to go away and get stuffed!

Fine Gael and Co are not in a hurry to point out the “Silent Consent” aspect. Not hard to wonder why? 

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and the Green Party hope to catch a lot of people out by using “Silent consent” as a possible legal stick to hit others with later.

Another Sting. “Polluter Pays”.

The latest re-stunt over Fine Gael recharging efforts for water services come with an additional sly PR spin.

If you accept “allowances” and thus accept also their “polluter pays” pitch, a judge on Fine Gael’s side,  will state that you, a polluter, are exiting water from your home or business property so you must pay up.

In other words, on one hand Fine Gael and Co are saying you will be given an allowance (as before) and anyone then doing away with their ‘used water’, will only face a further bill.

Fine Gael and Co know rightly that once a property fills a bath, runs a shower, flushes a toilet etc, that water (when done with) then has to go somewhere – and it’s on that exiting basis that they will then seek to press a bill.

It could be free (you got an allowance and they will PR spin this) going in – but quietly they will be waiting to see what they can charge on its way out! You can bet that what they cannot charge you for the way in – they will probably try make it up any difference on the way out?

Fine Gael and Co are not in a hurry to point out this additional aspect!

The Devious Tactics Continue.

All the devious parties involved know there is one thing they must get the people to do. That is accept Irish Water, allowing it then to continue operating (and recharging).
By silent consent or by bullying the public once again to sign something to gain a water allowance, Fine Gael and Co then also trap people into a life binding contract. This is a contract that includes you admitting that you are further liable for later imposed water recharges.

To sum up:

  • Interact with Irish Water for an allowance – they get to legal recharge you.
  • Interact with Irish Water – you are legal giving them recognition and power over you.
  • Interact with Irish Water – you are allowing the company to continue operating.
  • Interact with Irish Water – they get to recharge you by “Polluter pays”.

…Before you do catch on, when recharge bills start landing on your door-step later, they hope to have you prior trapped one way or other.

Fine Gael and Co are not in a hurry to point out all this additional aspects.

Devious eh? There are the same political parties that at national and local election, sell themselves as the safe and honest direction to vote for.


Fianna Fail all over the place on Irish Water – Click here

…But There’s More…

In also re-threatening to go after non-payers of their recharge – or trying to scare tactic full people into thinking they easy can – Fine Gael and Co are not telling the public the full truth here either!

The England Times reported (LINK) during the week that:

 “Attachment orders that would deduct outstanding water charges from the salaries or social welfare benefits of non-payers are being suggested by senior Fine Gael figures.”


in order to still try bully more people into paying into this dead recharge madness, they are talking about lowering the €500 threshold limit that one has to go over, so that a court attachment order can be put on people’s wages around the country. This is on a bill system, being done further away with, anyway!

  • The total cost of going after 600,000+ attachment orders alone is going to be far more than any bills combined, still outstanding.
  • The Irish courts already over strained and under resourced, have stated they will seriously not be able to cope at all with this madness anyway.
  • Irish Water is a private registered company – so the state Revenue Service would have to under-go an extremely serious legislation change first, in order for it to chase after a private company’s outstanding bills it tries impose. At present it CANNOT. If the state decides to carry out these legislation changes, if would (a) set a massive legal precedent and (b) possible violate EU laws – not that FG, etc, care about such laws when it suits their private agenda!

In hoping to scaremonger the public for the umpteenth time, Fine Gael and Co are not in a hurry to point out all these additional aspects.

We have contracts rammed down people’s throats by state bullying, that:

  • not only forced a company, not legal answerable to the state, on the public – but also
  • same public was threatened if they didn’t comply, building, taxi or many other work licences, would be denied.

Under the constitution, citizens have a right to work. Fine Gael and Co don’t give a damn about that either it seems, in order to recharge the public. They themselves, ignore Irish (and EU) laws when it suits them. Even the non-allowing of sale of ones home, has been used to twist the arms of the public – all state legalised bullying. These state bully tactics still continue to this day.

It’s  all more madness – heaped upon previous Fine Gael and Co madness…




We have to again point out that politicians are DELIBERATE avoiding mentioning disbandment of Irish Water and DELIBERATE avoiding mention of water meters continued existence – along with they being still installed.

The thinking is that “if we carry on as if we are deaf and silent, the people will just accept it in complacency”. They might be right! Their deliberate tactics might work if the public cave in and let them!

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