About The JFJ

Due to the growing numbers that have come to UnitedPeople over the last two years, expressing their concerns and telling of the various types of abuses suffered in the state JobPath operation, it was decided by the founder of UnitedPeople to setup an organisation to tackle the issues better united.  The issue which is a future state investigation in the making, is being currently ignored - perhaps deliberately by some - by Irish media outlets and many TD's.

Following an organised gathering on the 17th of February, 2018, in Dublin, the Justice For Jobseekers group was officially formed.


The aim of the JFJ is four-fold.

  1. Raise further awareness in the media and with the public, to the ongoing abuses.
  2. See that all elected at local/national level halt the law breaking within current JobPath racket and end the state instituted bullying.
  3. Expose those unwilling not only to do what is right, defend Irish citizen rights but also support those that need help because of the ongoing JobPath abusive process.
  4. Assist other jobseekers who's rights are being abused or are being neglected by the state as it treats them as second-class citizens - while it exploits them occasionally.

Our Team

The JFJ team is headed up by Alistair Smith, current national coordinator of UnitedPeople Ireland. Selected by a formed official committee, Alistair and those alongside him are determined to protect and advance the rights of those seeking a better life in Ireland.

More coming...

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