Jobstown Teen Guilty. Seriously?

Jobstown protest

Jobstown protest

  The news that a Dublin, now seventeen year old, has been legally found guilty of “False Imprisonment”, for protesting (when he was actually fifteen years of age) in front of Joan Burton, has been met with a lot of public anger across Ireland.

When individuals look at the actual (ridiculous) charge slapped upon a legal young teen, how indeed could anyone of any competence, be completely imprisoned when surrounded and protected by 20+ Garda personnel? The charge in fact, could be said to expose possible political stupidity and egregiously taking advantage of Irish national laws, for someone’s own political end?

This is what Labour’s Mrs Joan Burton, has apparently done in opinion national expressed. Some have stated their opinion that the laws of Ireland, as they are meant to apply, have been instead been abused by the Labour Party. The already dying party sought to exploit national law so that they could from the day event (a) gain ‘a dig’ at political opposition, in attempt to also smear them and (b) try garnishing sympathy from other citizens, for the sake of hopeful later vote gain?

If so, in both attempts, they apparently failed miserably.

What Joan Burton and Labour has been considered to have done, was royally screw up. Why? Only because the coming other cases that are being dragged out for the next year at least, each on their own, will continue to regular highlight the gutter level methods of The Labour Party and the issue of water recharging.

Rather than acknowledging that there was a protest on the day that she, Joan Burton, was not happy about – but was willing to move on from – Mrs Burton and the Labour party instead, went on and made a mountain out of a molehill that was completely unnecessary. Indeed, later investigation of her unwillingness to get out of a car, resulted in six months of investigation, taking up the usage of an additional 20 Garda, full time.

0009c4c3-800Even worse, Joan Burton allowed her and her party to be seen as further stupid and weak.

Accompanied by over 20 Garda on the actual day, citizens might find is also remarkable that Mrs Burton apparently lost the use of her legs! Possibly not thinking sensibly and take advantage of the many Grada there with her, has still left the woman open to the question – as to her competence at carrying out any duties when actually having to face her own nations people!

Mrs Burton at any moments notice, could have asked for Garda to escort her to another car or indeed, walk away from a protesting crowd, surrounded COMPLETELY by 20+ Garda. Did she? No. The national public was left, on TV screens across the nation, witnessing a person seeing a possible PR advantage – and tried using it for own ends? If that was the case, there too was failure. …Again, to a nation of TV witnessing people.

Let’s be realistic.

Mrs Burton wasn’t facing terrorists. She wasn’t facing even a weaponised crime gang of any description. She met with real ordinary people, with real financial concerns. What did she fear then? Was it actually having to face people that disagreed with her bulling party antics? Did she fear having to read protester signs that supposedly kept her locked up in her car? Did she fear hearing real voiced opposition from voters – rather than usually stuff she might only like to her from her party sycophants?




From Mrs Burton’s possible loss of leg useage, Labour now faces a future reoccurring dilemma. The legal cases against the remaining protesters are going to have to continue – much to Labours dismay as they still are persecuting Irish citizens. It too, has all back-fired.

If the state was willing to send a group of Garda to dawn raid a teenager as if he was a heavy drugs baron and arrest him, the state must (it knows) also carry through with the other cases. To back down now and drop the remaining cases, would leave state prosecutors facing an unofficial ‘charge’ of willing to go after kids – but not the adults. The state has been left with a bigger headache of its own making.

Now, not only does the Fine Gael fronted government (care of Labour) face future events of even more protest as each adult case continues, the national public through news media, will for over a year or more, be regular reminded how to stupid in over-reacting, certain parties was.

The public too for the same period, will be repeatedly reminded just how draconian some government parties are willing to persecute their own citizens in over-reaction.

jobs-18-752x501If Joan Burton, Labour or even Fine Gael has thought they scored any semblance of a victory over the heads of local or national water protesters, individually and collectively, once again Mrs Burton and all have made yet another monumental mistake.

It’s what they do best ironically?

As each of these stupid legal cases continue – its losing votes, the persecutors will more suffer from – not gain.

Stupid people and even more stupid political parties must realise that in a more social media communication world, same political parties stand far higher chance of reaping what they sow…

Is it not time they seriously kopped on to themselves? If they can’t – do they then then deserve to be in any government office?

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