Labour (Ireland) – Trying To Claw Back.

The Labour party once again is trying to claw its way in to the hearts and minds of Ireland people. Their latest announcement (see HERE) that they would be willing to go into coalition with Fianna fail or Sinn Fein, once again exposes how desperate they are to try regain government office too.

This is the party that joined Fine Gael and for five years formulated their own right-wing policies while backed up Fine Gael with many fo their own. This is the party that repeatedly cut the wages of workers – nurses, careers, civil service staff including bus drivers, fire services and the army (who wives and partners even yesterday, were out Dublin protesting of the dire economic situation they are currently still in). This is the Labour party that repeat cut the money of parents while upping their own.

This is the Labour Party that wants to see the right-wing privatisation agenda of the international TTIP/CETA agreements, followed through – undermining every state department including our health service and air emergency services which Labour allowed then Enda Kenny, in lower office, to cut in funding, reducing it to far poorer funded service that it is today.

This is the Labour party that joined with Fine Gael in signing up Ireland to an new EU army (see HERE) – further decreasing Ireland neutrality and still allowed US military aircraft to land in Ireland – including during the rendition (kidnapping) periods of US agencies activity.

This is the Labour party that not only stood by as further nepotism and cronyism took place but were perceived by many including media reports, to be up to their necks in such activity themselves!

Then there is the bin charges, the previous attempt at an internet tax (still coming from Fine Gael), the continuation of the VRT imposition, for which Labour and Fine Gael paid in EU fines (and still are) for its continuation – then there was 40+ further tax changes in fact – the continuing bank bailouts and non-required payments to bondholders (after Labour promising NOT to pay them) and a lot more… The election stated, red line issue they said they would not cross – anyone remember that one – which they then soon after, crossed!

When all the above and far more was exposed, Labour joined Fine Gael in passing a Dail bill (in the last days of the previous Dail) to try stop public and media from gaining detailed access to their activities and private expenditure madness, by further limiting what could be disclosed under Ireland’s freedom of Information Act. All this is on record.

Many in Ireland now consider Labour to be champaign socialists of the worst kind, in modern Irish era.

Ged NashThis is the Labour that rammed down the throats of Louth people, Ged Nash, after they election fired him. Labour then insulting and bullying, shoved him into the Seanad – and this is incredibly  after he previous campaigned to get rid of it! Mr Ged Nash however, was quick to do a u-turn and accept the big wages from that though. As was he also willing to accept the massive leaving bonus payments and perks gained from being sacked as TD.

For the very few weeks that he was unemployed, he in fact, gained far more money than an unemployed person would earn in a whole year! His current habit of Facebook banning anyone that posts solid criticism of him, has become well known to his home town population. This is the same population of 38,000+ that were informed of a meeting he previously held in a Drogheda town center. Such was the level of disinterest in him, only ten turned up in total – including in that number one Garda and a member of his own local party. Two women that attended, were deliberately there to open criticise him.

…And Labour not giving a crap what the people of Louth wanted, forced this person upon them again, by sticking him into the Seanad, much to the disgust of many in Louth. Mr Nash in reality, is just one example of how Labour don’t care really what the public want – but in ignoring the public’s previous express feelings, override them once again to suit party agenda first!

Labour while in government office, raking in their self-bumped up wages, like Fianna Fail, did their own massive u-turns. It was and still is commented that Larkin and Connelly, founder of the Labour movement, continue to roll in their graves at how far the Labour Party and its members has betrayed the trust of Ireland people and its founders.

Labour in Ireland have a major battle ahead of them. They are hoping that the people of Ireland once again suffer from memory loss as time has moved on. They hope to take advantage of time passing as they try to PR themselves into gaining more votes.

They know they have a major battle ahead – but perhaps they don’t realise just how hard others is willing to fight against them alone, for their previous many, many thug bullying actions and betrayals including also, the water recharges which they too with Fine Gael, tried to ram down the throats of a nation.

If Ged Nash and Labour think they are going to have it easy in any way, to gain more seats again in the Dail, they once again could be in for a rude awakening…



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