More White House Double-Standards.

The world has been reading and hearing about Russia being accused of interfering in the US election by some hacking they are accused of by the White House. The US government is seemingly outraged – as is the US intelligence agencies.

In total truth, while we do not know if the accusation is true or not (we don’t have – we won’t ever have, the ‘intelligence’ the US has to make this claim), what we DO know, is just as much shocking!

We do know that the top man making the claim, James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, has himself nationally lied before a state investigation when asked ‘Was the US agencies spying on it own people?” He stated that they weren’t – but as we know know, they were and have been doing it absolute massively for decades.

Is the world now supposed to trust this man that has been proven to be a liar and never held to legal account for his lies?

What we do know is that ALL the top countries have secret set-ups, secret groups based around the world with one general task – to hack into others I.T. infrastructures and spy. They ALL do this for two main reasons.

(a) In the event of war, that either sides can influence the shut down of I.T. systems that control military hardware, communications, transfer of military instructions, cut off (or destroy) power supplies, crash an economy and more. They ALL are trying to see they can do this in the event of a public war.

(b) They do it for economic advantage. Stealing insider information regarding stock markets, oil and gas information, patents on products meant for the general community, business community and state services etc. They ALL hack the rest of the world to gain along with economic advantage, political leverage – including when it comes to negotiating trade deals and continuous arising political confrontations across board tables, etc.

What it all amounts to, is that there is complete double-standard irony in the White House with its intelligence community, condemning another country for engaging in what the US government has been doing itself for over a full decade.

The US government has scattered around the world, big teams (including in, and working with, Britain and Germany), set-up I.T. operations carrying out the same actions to this very day.

Tupper meanwhile, lied about many US hacking operations including “Prism” which was just about spying and hacking the whole of Europe – from national leaders, to the EU offices and entire nations. Prism was and still is, one one operation of many that is still going on by the US intelligence community.

Some of these operations they carry out, deliberately outside their own country, as to escape their own legal laws for doing such actions.

Costs of such operations has increased massively under the Obama administration. An additional bill of over $11 billion dollars continues to grow in attempt to cover up their still possible illegal activities. US citizens however hear little about such operations as US media has been gagged and everything ordered classified.

Previously while Obama marched around on a campaign trail with repeated promises of “transparency”, there was in fact a sharp rise in national security secrecy under his watch. This too was matched by a sharp increase in financial costs of spying systems, causing related costs to a whopping $11.42 Billion – a new record high.

The huge increase in spy agency spending is part of the 12,000+ “special ops” which are are currently deployed in various covert operations, on a daily basis to over 75 countries around the world. The spying massive continues.

In the meanwhile, should we think that Russia was up to no good? Honestly? It’s very possible – but for the White House to be enraged about such things… They should go look in a mirror for people just as guilty of same – and the hacking and spying of the rest of the world that the White House is doing,

NO ONE there, has been held to international court account either for clearly illegal actions have ave been going on for some time – and let’s be honest, are probably still continuing.

The White House – a pot calling the kettle black – and getting away with it all …Again!

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