National Bus Strike – The Privitisation Agenda.

This morning the nation faces a national bus strike. Staff being cut across the country say that their jobs and services are being deliberate cut as part of a long term plan by Fine Gael and Co, to try justify privation of everything in Ireland.

To be fair to them, if we step back from just looking at the bus services but take into account other areas, they have a point.


The Fine Gael Privatisation Agenda.

Without question to the non-willing to be blind, Enda Kenny leading Fine Gael since 2011, has embarked further along an agenda of trying to backdoor privatise many essential basic services along with other additional governmental department services.

Since the start of the century for Ireland, it’s become more apparent that there is a quiet agenda by certain political parties to further break-up state services and bit by bit, quietly, undemocratic privatise it all. They will deny this of course – but the actualy evidence speaks for itself.

Part of these more public objected to attempts was the proposed loss of part of the nations forestry, the destruction of state employment services and the bullied in private company Irish Water which legal-wise, was deliberate left also unaccountable to the state Ombudsman department (the public was deliberate also not told this and the legal omission did not happen by accident).

Hospital services and local council services have gone the same route. National bus services and transport routes are being also quiet back-door privatised by sale and break-up. This continued destruction of what the state is meant to own but is giving away, has got to stop! There will be far less for future generation government to have control over, for our children to come. Private business and corporations will be too much ‘calling the shots’.

We have privatisation of state services by the quiet, back door legislation – and a nation of people are not supposed to notice – but many have thankfully.

Council work – (plumbing, electrical, plumbing,, carpentry, etc) contracted out.
Social services work – contracted out.
County management services – contracted out.
Hospital services (nurses, clerical, cleaning, canteen) – all contracted out.
Housing of homeless – contracted out (chain hotels, private properties, etc – far less actual building. Don’t forget that 36% of 2017 elected FG is actually landlords).
Maintaining our road networks – contracted out (to foreign companies).
Education services – contracted out.
Various department phone answering services – contracted out.

It goes on and on…

What Enda Kenny and his Fine Gael party couldn’t do openly, they carried out by a deliberate alternative method. Between 2011 and 2016 Fine Gael gained state control by siding with the Irish Labour party. One of the Labour elected was Brendan Howlin. In an interview to author Maev-Ann Wren, in a reply to a question asked, he let slip out a telling direction the Fine Gael government had taken.

The question he was asked was about why others in government had not delivered a working Ireland health service? His reply:

“If we did that, there would be no reason for sustaining a private health system.”

He went on to explain that the right-wing want a private health market. They want, he stated, around 30 percent of Ireland people to pay for private health products.

“In order for that to happen, they really required the public (health) system to be inferior. Why else, if it was first rate, would people pay for a private system?”

This agenda has not been abandoned. It still continues to this day by Enda Kenny and his political Mafia in government (including Fianna Fail).

This path to destroying state services for the benefit of private profiteers will continue at least till:
(a) enough people kop on to what’s really going on and
(b) decide to unite, get up off their backsides and say “Enough! Stop!

Here alone, we can see that a better system of accountability is much needed (Participatory Democracy). When such a better system of accountability is re-introduced (we had vestiges of it before – before it was water down that is!) – only then can we stop such current quiet backdoor antics and hold those doing it, far more accountable.

Only then will bad elected, better fear doing any wrongs – while good elected can get on with the job of putting the people before private interests.

Enda Kenny and his persistent ambition to carry out the aims of the TTIP/CETA agreement, privatise everything for maximum private investor potential, is seeing a lot of once state areas non-coincidentally become run down – so the suggestion later of “Lets privatise it.” can be better offered up as a way out.

This includes “Irish Water” (already set-up as a private company and deliberate not answerable to the National Ombudsman).

In known political terms, this is a professional trick called “Manufactured Consent.”

Enda Kenny and Co wants the public to continue falling for it!

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