pond  There’s no doubt that over the last two years the matter of Irish Water, the government launched entity, has balkanised people and politicians into their own further thoughts and actions on the matter. Ireland’s natural resources have been over time been exploited not for the common good it has been much public opinionated.

Many complete agree with this overall assessment. Ireland gas, oil, water, bogs, forestry and fishing resources to begin with, have been continuously mishandled and in many cases given stupidly away for a seemingly undervalued price. Certainly when it comes to the oil reserves off Ireland’s shores to the West, major oil companies have been allowed to run roughshod over Irish natural environments and citizen’s concerns in respect to protecting their surrounding locations too. Corporate greed has been allowed take continuous precedent, a default position, over the rights of the Irish nation and its citizens to stave off further physical natural damage to our small island. This has simply got to stop. We maintain that stronger protection laws with greater democracy attached, are required to give citizens greater rights and thus ability, to protect their environment. It should be noted however greater protection systems for the people are no good if they are:

  • Not enacted to their best ability through stronger, more clear defined Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIA’s) or
  • Misused and ignored by those that wish to seek personal gain on behalf of themselves or others in terms of financial profit (or other forms of gain) in a short term or even as promised gain in a quiet long-term.

Once a natural environment is damaged or complete destroyed, it is gone in most cases for good – never to be able replaced upon realisation of an error of judgement. This aspect also applies to the building of roads and motorways through what is at times, our historic heritage that has seen itself in the past been attacked by signs of supposed ‘good modern progress’.

Quite simply, the default position in regard to the natural Irish landscape should be to protect that which makes us different and outstanding from other countries. Our island should be stronger protected by greater defined legislation. We seem to have drifted away from that?

We need greater fundamental checks and balances enacted in favour of “protection over profit”. There has to be an onus on any incoming business proposal or building construction which might further damage what we presently have, that their advancement should be only allowed to come to pass when better environmental studies have additionally concluded that Ireland will not lose out any more of its natural environment in the name of “modern progress”.

It being “modern” we say, does not always making it right. We have re-look at our personal national values and not just see them in government financial terms.

Even now there has been attempts to put a financial price on our Irish environment. This at times appears to be some sort of attempt to less protect what we have on our natural island.

If businesses, though in place stronger regulation, try exploit our common natural resources then the state also needs to greater ensure a fairer value is returned while absolute maintaining an open fair balance in relation to the protection of our ecosystem versus business interests.