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2017 is already looking to be a year where the public once again will be faced with being treated as second class citizens. The reconfirming announcement on the 17th of December by Environment Minister Denis Naughten – “pay-by-weight bin charges set to go national” – clear indicates that despite what their public wants and doesn’t, Fine Gael and all those sick propping it up, are continuing to implement their own agenda instead.

While the political parties of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour speak about ‘Irish democracy to be celebrated 100 years on from 1916’, they are in fact continuing to forcefully operate with actions found usually within a dictatorship government system.

The coming year will see water charges re-implemented by an alternative sly process where they will claim “the polluter pays”. This will all sound nice in PR as pushed by the mainstream parties – but in fact, as households all exit used waste water, it means that EVERYONE will still be facing forms of direct water recharges eventually. Fine Gael and the rest however, are not fully stating this fact. They wish to have this crucial factor (like others) slip under a nations mental radar.

  • Water meter usage will still continue – in order to charge. ‘Get rid of water meters’ – Topic dropped.
  • Expensive to run, “Irish Water”company, will still continue to try charge. ‘Get rid of IW’ – Topic dropped.
  • Water will still be drugged by Fluoride, by same private company without people’s express permission. Topic avoided.

The three topics above are still currently being sly and cowardly avoided by the usual poor quality elected representatives that infect the Dail, Senate and council positions around the country in every town and village.

More Challenges.

With fantasy story teller, Enda Kenny, yet again announcing (LINK) that he’s determined to stay on in power for a third election, he and his party representatives continue to pursue other parts of their own agendas. They are still attempting to see that CETA and TTIP treaties are bullied through, down upon 550+ million people across Europe.

Although incoming President-elect Donald Trump is again the trade deals, negotiations and behind closed door meetings continue regarding these oppressive trade rackets. Enda Kenny and Co show no signs of they stopping their agenda to ram TTIP alone, down the throats of 4.8 million Irish citizens – and they will be not allowing same Irish citizens to have a democratic vote on the matter either.

The un-democratic party will also still be ramming in their ‘internet tax’ proposal. Despite the government having nothing to do with the internet beyond knowing it flows though national Telecom grids, the main culprits in government are still pursuing their own invented agenda here too. Revenue from this next tax will then be in majority bulk, be given to RTE – regardless if the nations people use or want the expensive, media biased service!

Bin charges - UnitedPeopleThe bin charges issue is sure to be another form of ‘Irish water’ national protest,  arising in some guise also.  To add to what will eventually lead to higher bin prices that everyone will be ordered to pay by a draconian government, there will also be an additional heavy priced “SERVICE CHARGE” also attached to the public’s bin bills.

This will be an additional bill, people across Ireland will be bullied into paying regardless if they use a bin service or not! Financial backstabbing Fine Gael, like other main parties (FF/Lab/Renua, etc), total avoid mentioning this and will continue to avoid the issues being discussed like they are a dose of plague. The last thing the parties wish, is the people to be further informed by hearing any discussion on the matter – so they are avoiding talking about is this extra issue, in hope of sneaking one more additional bill upon a nation of people.

  • It would be remiss not to point out at this juncture that originally when the “Household Charge and “Local Property Tax” was first PR sold to a nation of Irish people, they were told that the properties charges were be covering such items as waste disposal, water services and more.
  • As many of the public has subsequently discovered, they were deliberate mislead. They are now being draconian order to pay for such individual items yet again, separately, toward additional private companies (another privatisation agenda forced on the nation) in payment for something that they already are being previously charged for, through home charges.
  • Like water. which the public is already paying multiple times for through motor tax, property tax and VAT, other bill are now expected to be paid by the public as continuing draconian un-democratic governments bring about more bills upon Ireland citizens.

The bullying government will continue to see that private hired debt collection agencies will further intimidate and extract money through menaces. They will do this if only to circumvent the Ireland revenue service who cannot legal act for private companies (such as Irish water).

The state will continue to force the likes of Seetec, another private company, additional imported, so that it too can bully and openly threaten Ireland citizens (LINK).


Fine Gael and Co will continue to treat private citizens and their personal data as something to continue giving away for financial exploitation, without express permission, to private companies.

Fine Gael and Co will put themselves first, the EU second, private business third and somewhere down a long list of priorities, there might be then the concerns of Ireland’s people. Their biased media PR of course, will say that the people are are their first priority – however their many brutal actions in 2016 have already exposed that lie.

The joining up with a new EU army (LINK), will also quietly continue. Irish neutrality (like Irish natural resources) will be further undermined and given away.

Having made a complete and utter mess of many national (and local) issues, including health care, homelessness, the banks, payments towards bondholders and more – all of them having grown far, far worse under a Fine Gael/Labour/Fianna Fail run state – the continued quiet agenda of privatising many of the state services continue also. The give-away to private profiteers continues too. Example: one million Euro a week, is being given away to private landlords by the FG fronted government, instead of putting such revenue toward building more solid homes instead.

All this and more continues to be sickeningly allowed and even supported by Fianna Fail and others – as they continue to prop up a party only desired by 25% of  the 65% who came out and voted in the last general election.


Time To Do Better.

This coming year, Ireland citizens face a number of incoming draconian edicts about to be ‘sold’ to them by manipulation and outright legal legislation rammed down their throats undemocratically (the public will not get a direct vote on the matters). This coming year, national protests will be most assuredly be continuing across Ireland.

A lot of these protests will again like in 2016, be tried kept out of the media – thus keeping others unaware that such protests are happening – by the same usual Mafia of biased, censoring media under the influence of media tycoons and their party friends. Social media and other more honest parties however, such as UnitedPeople, the Irish Democratic Party, etc, will however continue to advance public awareness.

2017 is the year that political opposition had better get their ‘crap’ together. 2017 is the year that political opposition had better stop attacking one another but instead concentrate on the issues other spineless, silent Dail cowards are avoiding. 2017 is the year that political opposition better become united and after many years of the public being mislead by corrupt elected, same opposition has to do far better in order to see better comes about more democratically.

If in 2017, the draconian juggernaut of Fine Gael and those that equally sick prop it up, are not stopped, the public will not just be ‘screwed over’ in the same year – but for more years to come. How opposition fails or succeeds in 2017, will also decide how today’s children are later going to be further mistreated, left without and exploited.

2017 is the year when it is time to act more in opposition and stand up saying “Enough!”

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