Newspaper Confirms More Draconian Actions In Ireland’s Future

Irish Water debt squad

sun-5We reported it some days ago when the quiet tender went out, media unannounced (see HERE). Now a national newspaper also confirms what we spoke of. Irish Water on behalf of a Fine Gael, Endapendent and Fianna Fail backed, bullying government, is to allow the people of Ireland to be harassed by yet another brought in, private company.

It’s become a trend under the an increasing amount of draconian actions instigated by the usual mob of political parties – Labour included, who were also instigation part of the Irish Water farce.

Between the continuing actions of allowing private companies to take over once public services, the continual bullying coming from Fine Gael and Co, the handing over of personal private data to private companies so they can harass people – rising numbers of Ireland’s population are growing sick of it all.




The reality is that such goons won’t be turning up on your door step soon. What will happen in fact is that Irish Water will hire yet another private agency, to do Fine Gael and Co’s dirty work. The hired goons from any agency allowed will only come after you after the agency has tried every trick in the book by legal letter or by court judgement, to grab your money.

When you don’t comply, they will go back to court and ask for legal powers to pay you a visit and take assets from your home, to cover the amount they say you owe. That’s when the trouble at doorsteps will REALLY begin.

Every doorstep could be a potential battleground and every battleground could be yet another breaking news story around the country. That is – unless RTE and other media continue to operate as they have done before – trying to keep the majority of Ireland’s population in the dark as to what’s fully going on!

Initially, the agency will go after the businesses that they claim, are in a contract with Irish Water – even though individual businesses might not have actually signed to any contract whatsoever. After that, it’s the turn of the public to get a lashing from them. Pandora’s box will have been opened by the government – but could soon have a backlash effect as the public around the country reacts and defends.

The hiring of a debt collection agency has now opened the door for Irish Water objecting citizens, to become a potential target for an agency’s goon squad if they continue to resit the government bullying.



The Previous Lie.

The Fine Gael & Labour government at one stage, treated the pubic as completely stupid when they tried espousing that they would send in Ireland’s Revenue Service to get any money they claim was owed. This was soon exposed as to be complete rubbish as the Revenue Service hadn’t the legal powers to do this for a private company – and told the two parties so. The FG/Lab’ politicians knew this but thought the public wouldn’t vast notice – but they did!

It was simply more of their scare tactics being tried on – which some sadly fell for.

A great deal of the public also knew that Irish Revenue Service couldn’t seize assets on behalf of a private registered company (Irish Water). The next step therefore was for Irish water to hire a debt collection agency who would have to apply to courts around the country in each individual case, to seize goods.

The Irish Revenue service and the Irish court system have already told the previous Fine Gael and Labour government that they would not be able to cope with a national massive increase of even more court cases, for they are struggling already in a backlog. Irish Water and the political parties appear to not care. They try trying on their latest scare tactic on Ireland’s population and further not worried what happens to an already overburdened court system.


A Later Price.

14440672_1315348691809161_8027011851028143228_nFine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and Endapendents themselves, could end up paying yet again a costly vote price. The continuation and dragging out of the Irish Water farce even more will hit back at them.

As more of the public are charge hassled and news of it leaks out despite national media trying to bury any events or play down numbers (again), with local  and European elections coming soon in  a year or two, the public will have their minds constantly refreshed as they read and hear about such events through social media.

The chances of much of the public forgetting who is responsible (or stood by too quietly) for the latest dose of draconian actions, will not easy fade away. With combined votes for Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail consistently showing to election time fall, their numbers again might even go lower next time around. They could be again reaping from what they have previously sowed.

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