No New Budget Provisions Regarding Water Charging

methode%2ftimes%2fprod%2fweb%2fbin%2fdd093340-7e80-11e6-9862-c87336845bcf  The budget tomorrow is said to contain no alternative planning ahead provisions, in relation to water charging. Despite it unlikely that water charges will return in the terrible way they were forced upon citizens and that they likely will be slipped in more quietly on people by a new alternative taxation method, the 2016 budget reportedly will contain no planning for this possibility in any regard.

This in itself is very telling. It could indicate that Fine Gael either hope to once again, carry on regardless with Irish Water as the mega-expensive and disaster operating entity or that also, Fine Gael and Co still intend to try continuing their draconian methods to get everyone to pay up by a method they have bullied on people via contracts which they signed everyone up to without any express permissions given by oral or written consent.

The latter is looking more and more possible as its emerged over the last few days (as also told by UnitedPeople HERE) that Irish Water, private company, is being allowed to put out tender submission requests from other private companies – this time they being debt collection agencies.

The whole Irish Water farce and recharging issue for water services, is set to continue for some time to come at this rate. With Local and European elections to come, the dragging out of this issue, possible aided by a later debt collection agency igniting a greater wave of protests across Ireland, it all could only again be detrimental to members of certain political parties seeking elected office and back into government office.

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